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Dynamics Of Raleigh Dog Bite Cases

The dynamics of Raleigh dog bite cases may seem quite complicated but are actually simple. It is important to start with the definition of a dog bite/dog bite incident. Being bitten by a dog would include bite marks and an actual bite from an animal. Being attacked by a dog could include being mauled, being jumped on (sometimes to the extent that you fall over and injure yourself), and being chased or harassed and sustaining injuries. The definition of animal attacks are a little more broad in nature than the dog bite definition. You have three years from the date of injury to bring a lawsuit or file a claim, which is where a skilled dog bite lawyer can help. Consult an attorney that could help you file your personal injury claim.

How Knowing the Dog Can Affect Compensation

One of the most important dynamics of Raleigh dog bite cases is whether the person knows the dog, it would be important to know how long they knew the dog and how well they knew the dog. It would also be important to establish whether there was a relationship between them and whether the injured person ever knew about or saw the dog being vicious, dangerous or aggressive. It can be contributory negligence if the person knows that the dog has a dangerous propensity or a dangerous past, or knows that the dog has attacked another human or another animal.

How Do the Charges Change if the Dog Attacks Another Animal?

A dangerous dog attacking another animal would not be a personal injury case. That would become a property damage case. No matter how much our animals are loved, the law does not see them as entities, or persons, or things capable of suffering personal injury.

If a dog attacks a person’s dog, then the owner of the dog that attacked could be responsible for vet bills, for treatment, for medicine to help treat the dog. If for some reason the attack by the dog causes the other dog to pass away, the owner will be responsible for all money spent due to the attack as well as the price the people paid for the dog when purchased.

There is also the possibility that the dog could be put down. The ordinance which defines the process a person goes through to have an animal declared dangerous includes a Board from the Sheriff’s Office. This Board really depends on the county, but there is a Board that sits and hears the evidence and determines whether or not the animal is dangerous enough that it needs to be put down.

Ways a Defense Attorney May Attempt to Disprove Liability

While an injured person may be able to resolve the case without filing a lawsuit because of contributory negligence, that makes dog bite cases a little more tricky. There is no requirement to file a lawsuit to resolve the case. No matter the circumstances of the dog bite accident, a lawyer can help.

If someone does decide to go to trial, a defense attorney might try to disprove liability by saying the owner had no knowledge of prior aggressive behavior, that the dog was not in and of itself aggressive, or that they can always try to argue contributory negligence, e.g., that the person who was injured went up and tried to pet the dog or approached the dog, somehow putting them in a situation that led to the attack. North Carolina is only one of four states with contributory negligence, and that can be an issue for some people. By working with an attorney that understands the dynamics of Raleigh dog bite cases and can use that understanding to build your claim.