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An expert witness would be helpful in proving that the dog was a dangerous breed, like a veterinarian or someone who is qualified to give this opinion. If this type of dog has a vicious propensity, because of its breed, it is more likely to attack and that should place the owner on a higher level of precaution.

Expert witnesses in Raleigh dog bite cases are usually veterinarians or dog breeders specific to that type of animal certified by the American Kennel Club and recognized by the proper bodies. A skilled dog bite lawyer can use their connections to reputable expert witnesses to build your personal injury case. If you want to know more, contact an attorney today.

When to Use an Expert Witness

If the owner of the animal was not contesting that their dog had a propensity to be dangerous, but was contesting that their animal was in any way responsible for the injuries complained of, or claiming that their animal was provoked, then the plaintiff (injured person) might need an expert witness to combat those allegations. It could hurt the injury claim by showing that the animal was not in and of itself aggressive or dangerous and that there was some outside force that caused it to attack in a way that the owner had no way to know in time to prevent it.

How Expert Witnesses Can Help Establish Fault

Expert witnesses in Raleigh dog bite cases can help establish the dog owner’s fault by talking about the breed. Factors can include:

  • The way the breed acts
  • The way they were bred
  • What their history was
  • Whether they were intended to be dangerous animals or dangerous killers
  • Whether they were intended to hunt
  • Whether dogs like that today still are dangerous

Expert witnesses in Raleigh dog bite cases can observe or inspect the dog to determine whether it exhibits signs of aggressiveness or tendencies that it would be aggressive.

They can then interpret the testimony of the owner about things that may have seen innocuous, but the veterinarian can testify that would be evidence of a temper or an anger issue with the animal that could make it more likely to be dangerous.

If the injured person had an animal with them, the expert can explain whether that person’s animal in some way was the aggressor, or initiated or enticed the other dog to be dangerous. They could explain the dynamics of why a dog might attack. They could explain what the owner did or could have done to stop or prevent the attack.

How an Attorney Can Help

A lawyer can help you by immediately investigating the matter. They can do so by interviewing witnesses, getting aerials of the scene (so a person can understand exactly where it happened; whether it was residential), whose property it was on, and also dealing with the insurance company. Your attorney can also determine whether an expert witness is necessary or not. Due to their experience with expert witnesses in Raleigh dog bite cases, your attorney can retain the services of a knowledgeable expert who can help bolster your case.

When people try to handle this on their own, they are unaware of how their actions might impact their case. Another problem would be if the homeowners’ insurance policy does not apply or the dog owner does not have a homeowner’s insurance policy, then they may be going after the individual’s assets and they would need to do an asset search as part of a comprehensive investigation into whether they would be solvent if the injured party was to get a judgment against them in the absence of any insurance. If you want to know more about how an attorney can help you.