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When a person is outside walking, it is important to be on the lookout and alert for other people walking their dogs. If they see a dog off the leash or loose in the neighborhood, it is important to be vigilant, to call animal control if they have any concerns about those animals. They should talk with their neighbors with any concerns about an animal that lives close by and whether or not they may be a liability or may be causing some issues to him or his family members. People should keep their dog on a leash.

There are leash laws in Raleigh that are important to follow. If a person’s dog does something off the leash, it is going to be that much harder to prove that the owner was not responsible in some way because the leash law requires that the pet is to be on a leash. If an individual has been injured due to a dangerous dog attack, they should consult a qualified dog bite attorney that is familiar with leash laws in Raleigh dog bite cases and their impact.

Facts Regarding Leash Laws in Raleigh

Each town has its own ordinances that apply to animals. Leash laws in Raleigh can vary depending on the location, meaning that leash laws are going to be a little different in a residential neighborhood versus on commercial property. There may be open dog parks or maybe open fields where it is permissible for dogs to be without their leash. A person has to look at the specific local ordinance to determine if something was violated and that can be helpful in proving their case.

If a person does not follow those ordinances, it is prima facie evidence that a person is negligent or at fault, it can be negligence per se. If the ordinance says a person has to have all dogs on a leash outside of any enclosed or fenced areas, they need to have the dog on a leash or be in violation of that ordinance. With the dog on a leash, the owner is going to be able to control them if another person or another animal comes up and frightens them or startles them.

If the dog is not on a leash, the owner has no control over what they are going to do and they can run up to a small child. If the child falls over because that child is scared and breaks something, the owner can be responsible for that. If the dog would have been on a leash, the owner would have been able to prevent the incident, something that is often considered when discussing leash laws in Raleigh dos bite cases.

Potential Consequences for Dogs in Dog Bite Cases

The same ordinances that have leash laws also have protocols if a dog attacks a person or child. It begins with a process of having it determined whether or not the dog is vicious. They can be put down if they are deemed to be a danger or a vicious animal. They can be returned to their owner if they are not. It is kind of a process to make sure that the dog is not going to hurt anyone else.

Contributory Negligence in Dog Bite Cases

Contributory negligence can factor in because North Carolina is one of four states where if the plaintiff is found to be at fault, in any way, then it can be a complete bar to recovery. If there is a leash law that says a person has to have their pet on a leash if outside of a fenced in space and their dog is not on a leash, that can be evidence of contributory negligence, or that the person contributed to the injuries. That might come into play if another person deliberately and voluntarily walked up and approached an animal.

If a person has a dog with them that is not on a leash, that entices the animal to attack. If a person is in someone else’s yard or private dwelling and the dog is free there, that could be contributory negligence as well. That is why it is of the utmost importance that individuals take steps to protect themselves, such as observing leash laws in Raleigh.

An individual should also remove earbuds if they come in contact with a dog while outside so they can hear if the dog gets agitated. It may be prudent to go across the street if a dog does not look friendly or perhaps has not been real friendly in the past. Make sure if the person has an animal with them, to keep it on a leash.

Contacting an Attorney

Following a dog bite injury, it is important to consult a compassionate dog bite attorney. A qualified legal advocate can take steps to investing your personal injury claim, and potentially reaching out to eyewitnesses, medical professionals, and anyone else that can bolster your case. If you want to know more about leash laws in Raleigh dog bite cases, they should consult a skilled dog bite lawyer that can help.