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Motorcycle riders are generally proud of their bikes and their lifestyle. However, sharing the road with cars, vans, buses, and trucks can become dangerous quickly. In addition to the ever-present possibility of accidents, issues may arise with the mechanics and maintenance of motorbikes which could increase the likelihood of accidents and collisions. Laws in North Carolina often serve to protect motorcycle riders against defective workmanship and faulty parts. In some instances, these defects can force manufacturers to recall entire lines of their motorcycles. If you suffered a motorcycle accident, it may have been due to motorcycle defects and recalls in Raleigh.

Contact a motorcycle accident attorney who understands the process of filing such claims. They could aggressively advocate for your rights and potentially help file the correct paperwork to work towards a quality legal solution.

Liability for Defective Motorcycles

North Carolina law typically requires manufacturers of products that are used by the public to follow established legal standards to ensure that these products are safe. If the makers of a manufacturer sell products that are inherently dangerous and defective or fails to provide proper warnings or instructions regarding safe use, they may be liable for any injuries and damages.

In the case of motorcycles, there is little margin for error. A single defective part or improper installation of a mechanical system or device could result in an accident for the rider and cause serious injuries. A skilled lawyer could investigate if motorcycle defects and recalls in Raleigh contributed to the accident. They could possibly search for evidence which may help to demonstrate the negligence of a manufacturer and support a person’s claim for compensation.

Lemon Laws and the NTSA

The “Lemon Law” in North Carolina commonly protects consumers when they have purchased a defective vehicle, including a motorcycle. The law often covers all defects that may impair the use, safety or value of the motorbike. Warranties and other paperwork that came with the motorcycle may also come into play. It is typically important to keep complete and accurate records of all mechanical issues that a person may encounter since owning the motorcycle.

There are also federal laws that may help protect a person as a motorcycle owner. The National Highway Safety Administration (NTSA) often establishes safety standards for motorcycles and motorcycle parts and regulates the motorcycle industry to ensure that it abides by the regulations. A person who has been injured in a motorcycle accident should contact a seasoned attorney to help determine if the Lemon Law and NTSA protections are applicable.

Injuries and Damages in Raleigh

Someone who is injured in a motorcycle accident may find it important to act quickly. Proving that a defective part is the cause of the accident is often a complex legal undertaking and could require the assistance of a skilled motorcycle accident attorney.

If a defective or improperly installed part can be proven to have caused the accident, an injured person could be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation which could address the costs related to the injury. Serious injuries common to motorcycle riders often include head trauma, abrasions, road rash, fractures, and spinal cord damage.

Damages that might be available to a claimant include but are not limited to:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational retraining
  • Pain and suffering

An attorney experienced in motorcycle defects and recalls in Raleigh could help an injured person make effective legal decisions. Schedule an appointment to start examining a potential liability claim with a skilled legal professional.

Reach Out to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Raliegh

Motorcycle defects and recalls in Raleigh could have contributed to your motorcycle accident. Seek the services of a compassionate motorcycle accident lawyer who understands the seriousness of such implications and who could work to hold potential negligent parties accountable. Damages from an unexpected motorcycle crash could devastate a person’s financial position. Consider pursuing compensation today.