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Motorcycle accident claims are typically not too different from car and truck accident cases. There is still a motor vehicle insurance policy that could apply. Insurance claims could help an injured individual recover from their accident. An individual seeking to understand insurance claims in Raleigh motorcycle accidents should speak to a motorcycle accident attorney. Reach out to a lawyer today to learn your options.

How a Motorbike Crash Might Impact Insurance Rates

Just like a car wreck, a motorcycle accident could impact an individual’s insurance rates. Other factors that may influence a person’s insurance rate if they are involved in a motorcycle accident are whether they have had previous wrecks or if they are charged with a DWI. This may impact their premium more than a simple driving mistake. For more information about insurance claims in Raleigh motorcycle accidents and how a wreck could impact insurance rates, reach out to a knowledgeable lawyer.

What to Look For in an Insurance Plan

When looking for an insurance plan, it is a good idea to check with several different carriers and see what their quotes are. Individuals might need to ensure there are ample UIM and liability coverage so they may be protected if they do cause a wreck and hurt someone else or if someone else causes a crash and hurts them. One thing to talk an insurance agent about is whether they have a homeowner’s policy. It could make economic sense for a person to buy more insurance and more coverage if they combine all those with one provider. Responsible coverage could be talking about the minimum limits, which could be $30,000. Full coverage may be up to $1 million.

Damages Available for Injured Motorcyclists

An injured individual could pursue multiple damages in a motorcycle accident insurance claim. They could pursue personal injury claims for bodily injuries or property damage claims. They may be dealing with two separate adjusters. The property damage claim could be damage done to the motorcycle itself. If the bike is totaled and the cost to fix it could exceed the value of the motorcycle, the at-fault driver’s insurance company may owe the person the fair market value of the motorcycle on the date of the wreck. If the motorcycle is not declared a total loss and could be fixed, the at-fault driver’s insurance company may have the responsibility to get the repairs done on the bike.

A bodily injury claim could be filed when someone is looking for compensation for the injuries that the injured individual sustained. Damages may include the emergency room, surgeries, hospitalizations, doctor’s visits, physical therapy, and any future or ongoing medical treatment. Any lost wages where the person is taken out of work and they miss out on advancements in their career or they miss out on actual wages may also be compensatable.

There also may be damages available for pain and suffering. Loss of consortium could be included too if the wreck had a significant impact on the injured individual’s relationship with their significant other. A seasoned lawyer could help an injured individual recover damages after filing an insurance claim in a Raleigh motorcycle accident.

Consult an Attorney for More Information About Insurance Claims

While the process of pursuing insurance claims in Raleigh motorcycle accidents may be overwhelming, a seasoned attorney could help you. Legal counsel could work with you to determine which claims or lawsuits pursue and could build a case on your behalf. Call today and schedule a consultation with a dedicated attorney.