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Traffic laws typically apply to motorcyclists the same as they do to other motor vehicles. Motorcyclists have a duty to pay attention to roadways, traffic signals, and signs to the same extent that a normal motorist would. Raleigh motorcycle traffic laws may afford you certain rights following a crash. Speak to a tenacious motorcycle accident attorney to learn your legal rights.

Traffic Law Differences Between Motorcycle Riders and Automobile Drivers

To ride a motorcycle, a motorist needs an endorsement on their driver’s license that shows they have completed some degree of additional training. Regarding roadways, there are different rules about passing where motorcycles are permitted to ride. Since motorcycles are smaller, they could take more evasive movements than a normal motor vehicle could. This may include weaving in and out of traffic. Those may be unique Raleigh motorcycle traffic laws specific to motorcyclists. While motorcyclists have a duty to obey traffic signals and the rules of driving to the same extent as any driver, there may be specific things that apply to them due to the nature of the bike is different than anything else.

Importance of Following Road Regulations

Motorcyclists are more exposed on a motorcycle than operators of most other vehicles. While they have a helmet on, they typically do not have a multi-ton piece of metal surrounding them that one may have in a car, SUV, or truck. Therefore, it is crucial for the motorcyclist’s own safety that they are paying attention to the traffic signals and rules of the road. Motorcyclists have a heightened duty to be aware of other drivers since other drivers could inadvertently cause a wreck by not being familiar with driving around motorcycles or not fully paying attention.

Since North Carolina has contributory negligence, a motorcyclist that is found at fault for causing or contributing to a wreck by not following the Raleigh motorcycle traffic laws could be barred from recovering any compensation no matter what the other driver did.

How to Stay Updated on New Motorcycle Laws

Traffic laws regarding motorcycles in Raleigh typically do not get updated as often as the technology in motorcycles is changing. People could stay updated on new motorcycle laws be consulting with the state legislature, which publishes all of the new laws each time the General Assembly is in session on their website. Also, a person could check with AARP, AAA, or an organization that has a presence in North Carolina. These organizations may be able to give some updates on any changes that occur to the state’s motorcycle laws. It is important to know that local law enforcement is not required to note changes to traffic laws that apply to how a driver may operate a motorcycle.

Establishing Fault in a Motorcycle Collision

Motorcycle laws impact a case when the driver is not at fault. In the way there are rules that motorcyclists must follow, there are rules that other drivers must follow with respect to motorcycles specifically. If the other driver is not following those rules and they violate the safety rules of driving, then the other driver’s actions may help the motorcyclist’s claim. It helps the motorcyclist’s personal injury claim if they are not found to be at fault or in violation of any laws and the other driver was. Reach out to an attorney today to discuss how Raleigh motorcycle traffic laws may affect your case.