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Traumatic brain injuries from Raleigh motorcycle accidents could be devastating. They could also be difficult to diagnose. While the symptoms of traumatic brain injuries from Raleigh motorcycle accidents may vary, their effects could have a significant impact on a person’s life. If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic injury, contact a compassionate motorcycle accident attorney today.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury could be relatively minor or extremely severe depending on the circumstances. Traumatic brain injuries typically result from a concussion following a crash. TBIs may cause migraines, sensitivity to light, severe memory loss, and loss of the ability to control one’s body.

A person who has been hit it the head hard may not lose consciousness or feel like they suffered a traumatic brain injury. However, this type of injury could lead to bleeding or swelling of the brain. Traumatic brain injuries could also affect a person’s motor skills, speech, and other aspects of the individual’s life.

Recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries could be compared to invisible illnesses. In contrast to a broken bone that could be easily fixed and healed, a doctor cannot go in and resolve the brain injury to get their motor functions or memory back. While doctors could do surgery to try to alleviate the swelling or bleeding in the brain, the long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury usually cannot be fixed with a surgical procedure the way a broken bone could be.

A neuropsychologist, neurologist, social workers, occupational therapists, and a whole team of people could help a traumatic brain injury patient try to regain their lives following a motorcycle accident. The team could approach the problem from all different angles. Someone with a brain injury may not be able to speak, walk, use the bathroom, or write, and may need to tackle such things using alternative avenues. This could be an inherently challenging task.

How a Motorbike Crash Could Lead to a TBI

A traumatic brain injury could happen if the motorcyclist’s body landed in any manner on or near the head. Injuries may also occur if the body hit another entity then the head took the brunt, or some, of the force. Entities may include another vehicle, tree, street, or lamppost. Even if motorcyclists are wearing helmets, they could still suffer traumatic brain injuries from Raleigh motorcycle accidents.

What to Look Out for Regarding Traumatic Brain Injuries from Raleigh Motorcycle Accidents

A loss of consciousness, dents in a person’s helmet, and bruising or bleeding coming out of a person’s head or skull are potential signs of a TBI. If the injured individual is suffering from slurred speech, muscle spasms, memory loss, headaches, sensitivity to light, and as trouble writing, then they may have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Noticing differences in the way that a person is acting, behaving, speaking, or functioning could all be indicators of a brain injury in one’s self or in others. To learn more about traumatic brain injuries from Raleigh motorcycle accidents and how an attorney could help you seek compensation, call today.