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When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, broken bones are common, including broken arms, broken legs, cervical fractures, and fractured spines. It can be significant breaks if it is a bad impact. It depends on how it happened, whether the person was expecting it and could not brace themselves, and where it was.

Broken bones in Raleigh pedestrian accidents do not always heal completely. There may be lingering arthritis, pain, or limitations. If it is a bad break, it may require surgery and physical therapy. Any broken bone is a serious injury. That is why it is important for those who have been injured to retain the services of a compassionate and determined accident attorney that could fight for them and help them receive the damages that they deserve.

Range of Severity Between Bone Breaks

If a person breaks their pinky finger, it is not as severe as their femur. The larger bones in one’s body are the ones that they rely on for basic movements, so those are going to be more serious injuries than something like a little finger or a little toe. A completely displaced fracture is going to be worse than a non-displaced hairline fracture.

Consequences of Broken Bones

Some of the consequences of broken bones in Raleigh pedestrian accidents are missing time from work, trouble walking, issues using their arms, or issues sitting for long periods of times. It depends. If a person has a broken bone and is not able to work, it is going to impact their lost wages claim. If the injuries prevent the person from working, then that is a piece of damages that their lawyer can show.

FMLA only protects a person for a couple of months. If they are out of work longer than that, they may lose their position. If the injury is bad enough and the person worked in a manual labor-type job, they may not be able to return to that position and have to find something new, which could require more schooling or additional training. It depends on the severity of the injury. If one is out of work for six-plus months, it may be hard to keep that job.

Impact That Pain From Broken Bones Can Have

An opioid epidemic is gripping the whole country. If a person has a broken bone and is in a lot of pain, a doctor might give the individual a prescription for opioids. There are countless examples of that turning into a lifelong dependency issue that did not exist before. If a person is in pain from a broken bone, they may not be able to play with their kids or play with their family; they may be in so much pain that they just want to isolate themselves and be alone. It can cut down on one’s activities of daily living, like doing laundry and chores, and picking up the kids.

How a Raleigh Pedestrian Accident Attorney Could Help

Medical bills are extensive. If a person has to have surgery, there is going to be a big hospital bill. Physical therapy can be extensive. If a person is admitted into a hospital for any extent of time, it is going to have a significant impact on the total bills. A seasoned pedestrian accident attorney could help individuals pursue compensation for those injuries, so they do not have to shoulder those costs alone. If a person wants to know more about broken bones in Raleigh pedestrian accidents, they should speak with a lawyer that could answer their questions and fight for them.