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Pedestrian accidents can occur in a variety of ways, and there are several scenarios that can put certain individuals at risk of a Raleigh pedestrian accident. Accidents may involve a distracted driver who, instead of driving, is also focusing on texting or drinking coffee. The distracted driver may arrive at a crosswalk, attempt to make a right turn and not see the pedestrians that are in a crosswalk.

Runners or joggers who are out early in the morning or in the evening when it is dark out or dusk may consult an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer. They may not be as visible to traffic which runs the risk of those runners being hit by vehicles causing really serious accidents.

Children, Teens, and Pedestrian Accidents

Teens and children are individuals at risk of a Raleigh pedestrian accident. Children are involved in pedestrian accidents pretty frequently because they do not understand the repercussions of what can happen so they dart out into the street and they are not completely aware of the consequences of their actions. Because children are curious, they may see something they want to chase, dart out quickly and could get hit by a car.

Child-related pedestrian accidents differ from other pedestrian accidents because a child under the age of seven is incapable of negligence, as a matter of law in North Carolina. For children aged seven to 14, there is a presumption that the child is not capable of negligence. Even if a child under the age of seven is negligent, it does not matter because they cannot be negligent by law due to their age.

Teens, when they are driving, do not have as much experience as other drivers and they are not as aware as some people who have been driving for a long time, so they may be looking at other cars but not paying attention to pedestrians. They can be more dangerous in vehicles and may have a higher propensity to be on their cellphones, or to listening to music or a podcast that diverts their attention from the road.

The Elderly and Pedestrian Accidents

Elderly people typically are not able to move quite as fast as younger people, and if they have a handicap, then they cannot easily get out of the way of an oncoming car. Their senses may not be as sharp because of their age, hearing impairments, or visual impairments.

The average age of the population plays a role in the number of individuals at risk of a Raleigh pedestrian accident because if the average age of a population is much younger or much older, then there may be more pedestrian accidents. Teens and older people are going to be more vulnerable to causing or being involved in pedestrian accidents more than adults.

Aggressive Driving Habits

If a person is in a busy part of town with excess traffic, the driver may be frustrated. They may be more likely to speed, run red lights, or not pay attention to safe driving. If they are not completely focused on their surroundings, then they can hit a pedestrian and cause serious injury.  Individuals at risk of a Raleigh pedestrian accident are those that are more aggressive than others.

If a person is in a hurry, is generally not paying attention, or is distracted by their phone, an accident can happen in the blink of an eye. When you factor in pedestrians, it can be even more difficult because there is not a lot they can do to avoid the accident.

If tourists are in an area, that might result in more people in the road, blocking the road, or turning across the street. It can be frustrating if someone is in a rush and they are in a hurry. The driver can start to drive a little bit erratically because they want to get out of traffic and get to their destination. That can lead to aggressive driving which could result in a pedestrian-related accident.

Weather Patterns

As the months go by and the sun sets earlier, individuals at risk of a Raleigh pedestrian accident become less visible in the dark. If it is foggy, pedestrians are going to be less visible. If it is really sunny and the sun is setting in the evening, for example, sometimes it can blind drivers so that they are not able to see what is in front of them. Anything that obstructs the driver’s vision or the vision of the pedestrian would cause an increase in accidents.