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Whenever one files a lawsuit in superior court in North Carolina, there is a court-ordered mediation in Raleigh pedestrian accident cases that must take place before one can go to trial. That is an opportunity for the parties to come together with distinguished pedestrian injury attorneys with a neutral mediator who goes back and forth between the parties to see if they can resolve it without a trial.

Expected Role of Each Party in Pedestrian Accident Mediation

The role of mediation in Raleigh pedestrian accident cases is to find out if there is a number that the driver is willing to pay and the pedestrian is willing to accept that will resolve the case. A mediator is a licensed attorney who basically helps with cases like this.

The parties select the mediator. A person must be a licensed mediator and an attorney. One can understand the other party’s perspective. If the driver believes that the pedestrian was in some way at fault, one can understand why they believe that. One can listen to the arguments of the attorney that they could expect to hear at trial. They can also hear about the dangers and risks of proceeding to trial.

What is the Role of Insurance Companies?

Typically, they have an amount of money that they are willing to pay to resolve the claim. They exchange numbers over a period of a couple of hours and either the pedestrian accepts their top offer or rejects it. They have adjusters who look at the claim and, based on their experience, try to come up with a number that they think it is worth. The pedestrian can accept or reject that.

Pros and Cons of Mediation

There is an administrative fee of a couple of hundred dollars. The mediator typically has an hourly rate that they charge. The total bill is typically the administrative fee and the number of hours of mediation in Raleigh pedestrian accident cases, which is split between the parties.

The benefit is that the parties do not have to go to trial. Important steps include getting all the records and bills, making sure one has any experts that are needed, putting together an outline of the comments that one is going to present, and having the theories of the case and the elements of the damages ready to present in a coherent way.

Speaking with an Attorney About Mediation Options

They want to present the case as strongly as they can so that the adjuster gets a feel for the strength of the case. They want to have medical expenses and all the damages itemized. They also want to be frank with their client and encourage them to hear what the defense attorney and the insurance company has to say.

Mediation in Raleigh pedestrian accident cases can be a valuable way to resolve the case and not go through the expense and stress of a trial. If a person approaches a threat where they have a good reputation and they work with a good mediator, it can lead to a resolution for all the parties without having to go through the trial.