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How the various types of premises liability cases are handled depends on the severity of the injuries, as well as who the defendants are, who the land owners are, and who made the mistake. In some instances, the case may be able to be filed in state court and resolved relatively quickly. Some may be more complex and take longer. Overall, it depends on the facts of the specific case.

Raleigh premises liability lawyers are going to be looking at the significance of the injury to the person when they begin a case, like whether it was permanent or severe enough to require ongoing medical treatment, hospitalization, and surgeries. If you believe you may qualify for any of the common premises liability cases in Raleigh and want to know the next step, you should contact a premises liability attorney right away.

Common Liability Cases

Liability cases handled by a lawyer would generally include someone slipping and falling on another person’s property, home, or business, and the person who owns or leases that property knew about the condition but failed to correct it, or should have known about the condition to correct it, or failed to warn about it.

Common premises liability cases in Raleigh involve a large defect on someone’s property, a defect on someone’s porch at their house, an issue with the interior of a store, a home improvement location, or a pet store or a grocery store that caused someone to injure themselves. An example might be in a grocery store if there was a product that the store sells that had spilled and had been there long enough that the store knew or should have known about its existence and nothing was done to correct it.

Common Locations of Accidents

Some common locations of Raleigh premises liability accidents might be at a friend’s home where there are outdoor defects that may qualify. Other examples would be at a restaurant, a grocery store, or places where food items are served and may spill on the ground or cause problems that way. Another example could be a home improvement store which may have slick floors or any location where weather caused the parking lot to be snowy or slick. These are just a few examples of common premise liability cases in Raleigh, North Carolina that may arise.

Determining Liability

Liability is determined in these cases based on whether the landowner knew about the defect. Legal status of a visitor used to make a difference in a premise liability case. In North Carolina, it would be how the distinction between invitees, licensees, and trespassers is made. Now there is no distinction. If a person is on someone’s property lawfully, they have a duty to warn or a duty to correct any defects they know or should know about.

Further, liability also depends on what caused the injury. If the individual is talking to a friend and not paying attention, falls and gets badly injured, it is probably not going to be a strong case. However, if the individual is on a set of stairs that collapses, it may be a stronger case. It depends on whether it was a freak accident, the person injured was not paying attention, or there was something that a land owner or occupier did that was negligent to cause or contribute to the accident.