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Dealing with mold in a standing structure is difficult enough. The walls and basements of these buildings may contain mold that can have a toxic effect on a person’s health. Even in buildings not under renovation, this can cause serious illnesses or maladies.

The situation can quickly become more serious during periods of construction. Construction can expose mold that has long since been contained in walls and other out of the way places in homes. This can aerosolize the spoors of the mold and allow them to enter a person’s windpipe.

As a result, landlords can carry liability for any injury that results in toxic mold from Raleigh construction. They have a responsibility to protect their residents, even when a unit is under renovation. An experienced toxic mold attorney may be able to help if Raleigh construction has resulted in toxic mold being released into the air.

The Presence of Mold in Buildings

Any building can become exposed to mold. This is especially true in humid environments such as Raleigh’s. The constant presence of moisture in the air can cause these organisms to grow on the walls and ceilings of even well-ventilated structures.

Buildings that require maintenance can quickly become infested with mold. Leaking pipes, poorly ventilated bathrooms, and humid basements could all fall victim to mold. Making matters worse, mold can grow in locations unseen to the naked eye or in areas made off-limits to tenants. This could necessitate the reconstruction of buildings to remove hazardous mold.

Risks Involved with Toxic Fungus During Construction

The processes needed to remove toxic mold can be just as hazardous as living in the home without disturbing the spoors. Tearing down walls to access infested areas can spread the mold into the air causing it to enter a person’s lungs. Even if a person has noticed that mold is likely to spread, it can be difficult to prevent this aerosolization.

Even more concerning are situations where the presence of mold is not known until construction begins. If a carpenter is working on a home and the resident is allowed to remain on site, previously unknown mold colonies could become exposed while the resident is on location. The lack of preventative measures that may help planned exposure may result in a person becoming seriously ill.

Legal Options Following Exposure in Raleigh

All landlords in Raleigh and throughout the state have an obligation to provide housing that is free from toxic mold. This includes an obligation to quickly take measures to eradicate the mold upon discovery and an obligation to take precautions to prevent its growth.

A failure to take these steps may indicate landowner negligence. Even in situations where mold is discovered during a construction project, landowners should protect their residents by having them temporarily move out of the residence. If a property owner does not take this step, they may be responsible to compensate an injured resident for their losses. If an individual has suffered due to toxic mold from Raleigh construction, a lawyer could help establish liability and recover damages.

An Attorney Could Help Those Dealing with Toxic Mold from Raleigh Construction

Not every hazardous mold situation is obvious. Sometimes, the extent of or mere presence of mold is not known until the start of a construction process. If a landlord allows a resident to remain in their home during this construction, and they are exposed to toxic mold, that landlord may have liability to compensate their resident.

Exposure to toxic mold may have severe consequences. From minor reactions that mimic allergies, to cold-like symptoms, to serious lung infections, mold can have a serious effect on your health. An attorney could help you to learn more about the risks associated with toxic mold from Raleigh construction and to take steps to protect your legal rights in case of exposure.