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Mold is an ever-present hazard in our day to day lives that could have a devastating impact upon a person’s health. Healthy people may suffer from severe illnesses upon exposure to toxic mold. It is vitally important that individuals recognize the health effects of mold exposure in Raleigh.

It is also vital to understand that landlords have a duty to ensure that their land is safe for habitation. This includes an obligation to keep toxic mold off their property and to respond in a swift manner if a tenant complains of exposure. If you believe your landlord neglected their duty to keep you safe from the harmful effects of mold, do not hesitate to contact a tenacious toxic mold attorney. Your personal lawyer could build an injury case on your behalf and fight for you.

Common Health Effects of Simple Mold Exposure

While mold is a natural organism that permeates every part of our lives and is mostly harmless, people in Raleigh are still recommended to avoid the negative health effects of mold exposure by preventing it to grow in their homes.

The Centers for Disease Control states that exposure to mold may cause a variety of symptoms. It is truly on a case-by-case basis that a person will react to certain species of mold. Some common minor effects that mold may have on a person’s health include:

  • Wheezing
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Eye irritation
  • Skin irritation

While these conditions are certainly not life-threatening, people who suspect that their health problems are caused by mold should seek medical attention. A doctor’s note that indicates health problems caused by mold could be valuable evidence in any claim against a negligent landlord.

Serious Health Problems Caused by Fungus

A 2004 CDC study indicated that there is sufficient evidence to link mold exposure to serious respiratory tract infections. These infections could cause symptoms similar to those suffered by people with asthma. The study also linked consistent exposure to mold to chronic shortness of breath and respiratory illnesses in children.

These illnesses may require hospitalization to treat or the application of aggressive antibiotics. Making matters worse, a person could be left with a permanent disability if the mold causes scarring of lung tissue.

It is vital to remember that a negligent landowner who allows mold to grow on their property could be legally liable to their tenants if they develop an illness. The health effects of mold exposure in Raleigh may also give rise to a legal cause of action to demand compensation for your losses. A tox mold litigation attorney could help one file a claim to recover damages.

Call to Learn More About Health Effects of Mold Exposure in Raleigh

Exposure to toxic mold in Raleigh could be a complex matter. Mold exposure may simulate an allergic reaction or the symptoms of a cold. In other situations, mold exposure may seriously endanger a person’s life and leave them with permanent injuries.

Only a doctor is able to diagnose the health effects of mold exposure in Raleigh to determine if a person is suffering from illness. If you suspect that mold exposure is responsible for your poor health, you may have the right to hold a landlord liable and demand compensation. An attorney could help you to discover if mold is responsible for your illness and to hold negligent landlords responsible for their actions. Contact a lawyer today to learn more.