When a Raleigh landlord fails to provide tenants with habitable housing, it can result in significant physical and mental health issues for everyone living in an unsafe space. An experienced injury attorney could help you seek compensation from your landlord that could help you address these effects.

If you are living in uninhabitable rental property, these unsafe conditions could impact your life in surprising ways. To hold your landlord accountable, you could benefit from speaking with a Raleigh unsafe housing injuries lawyer. Your attorney could advise you of the injuries caused by unsafe housing conditions and help you determine your eligibility to receive compensation.

Harmful Living Conditions Causing Infectious Diseases

There are many unsafe housing conditions that could lead to the spread of infectious diseases. When this occurs, a Raleigh unsafe housing injuries lawyer could seek legal action, including rent abatement against the respective landlord.

The spread of infectious diseases often centers on water issues. The lack of running water could make it difficult for tenants to wash their hands or bathe. It could also spread disease through unsafe drinking water or by nonfunctioning waste disposal.

In addition to water issues, the lack of adequate food storage space or overcrowding could also lead to the spread of infections.

Chronic Illnesses Caused by Uninhabitable Conditions

Chronic illnesses other than infections are also common due to unsafe housing conditions. These conditions could occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Accumulated tobacco smoke
  • Toxins
  • Chemicals

These factors could inhibit the ceiling or walls, but they are especially common in worn carpeting. Untreated pest infestations could also impact the health of a tenant. Should a landlord fail to address a pest infestation, the disease could spread at an alarming rate. These creatures could spread a number of diseases and are also frequently triggers for asthma.

Exposure to harsh or dangerous chemicals could have severe consequences as well. Certain substances can lead to a variety of health complications if not removed, including cancer.

Physical Injuries

Illness is not the only risk of unsafe housing. When a landlord fails to make needed repairs, it could dramatically increase the risk of physical injury. For example, broken stairs or handrails could lead to serious trip and fall injuries. Broken glass could lead to cuts. When these injuries occur, a Raleigh attorney could pursue compensation from a landlord over these unsafe housing injuries.

Childhood Development and Nutrition in Raleigh

Children often suffer the most due to poor housing conditions. Not only are they at risk of disease, but they could also face significant issues with their development. This could be in part due to pollutants in their food or drinking water. Sensitization to certain risk factors could also increase the risk of health conditions like asthma developing over time.

Work with a Raleigh Unsafe Housing Injuries Attorney

As a tenant, you have the right to a habitable home. Your landlord is required by law to address any safety issues that are likely to cause you injury or illness. Unfortunately, these repairs do not always happen immediately, if ever.

If you are living with an injury resulting from an unsafe housing condition, you could have a claim for damages. A Raleigh unsafe housing injuries lawyer could assist with recovering compensation in this situation. Call right away to learn more.