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After a person has reached out to a lawyer for representation in their talcum powder case, they should expect to speak with someone when they call or receive a telephone call and return it very quickly. They should expect to get to speak with an attorney who has got experience with pharmaceutical and product litigation and to speak with an attorney who is handling talcum powder lawsuits.

An initial conversation is free of charge and it is really just a few quick questions for a lawyer to determine whether or not it is a case they can pursue. There typically would not be a long drawn out conversation necessarily. It would be a quick phone call with an experienced attorney with these types of cases to find out whether or not there is a potential case and then making a plan about how best to proceed from there.

The Initial Phone Call

When a person first reaches out to a lawyer via telephone, they will be asked to provide a few details immediately. For example, a lawyer will likely want to know where the person was treated and diagnosed, because we want to make sure to get all of those medical records.

The information the person needs to have is where the individual was treated, the approximate dates of treatment, and when that person was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

In addition, it would be helpful to have a working knowledge of any family history, whether there might be family members who had ovarian cancer, and whether or not the individual who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer had been tested for the BRACA gene.

The First Consultation

From a consultation, a person should expect just some basic questions about the date of diagnosis, where the person who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer was treated, and where he or she was going when they found out that they had ovarian cancer or when the ovarian cancer diagnosis was made. This information is important because ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly gynecological cancers because there is no routine screening that tests for it.

A pap smear, for example, which a woman gets every few years depending on her age, would not detect ovarian cancer. Oftentimes, our clients say they had an aching back pain or a low abdominal pain that just would not go away. They went to see a gastroenterologist or they went to their primary care doctor and then he or she did some diagnostic tests, sent them to a specialist, or actually found a mass itself.

Working with a Lawyer on a Talcum Powder Case

When someone begins a lawsuit for injuries suffered as a result of talcum powder, they should expect to receive periodic updates about their case. They should expect that their lawyer will send out a preservation letter to the facility where they had any surgeries that would have removed ovarian tissue. They could expect that that preservation letter would go out very quickly after the attorney-client relationship is entered into and they could expect that their case would be pursued vigorously in the proper venue. They should also expect that their case would be fought for and not neglected or forgotten even though there may be many other potential claimants out there.