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In North Carolina, if someone has had an auto accident claim or a workers’ compensation claim where they have hired an attorney, the expectations of a mass tort case would be significantly different than a normal personal injury case that happens.

If you are involved in a talcum powder mass tort litigation, it is very important to have an attorney on your side. Mass tort cases can take a long time, and, in turn, become very frustrating. An experienced lawyer will help you navigate your case and will keep you informed about how the litigation is going.

Things to Keep in Mind

It is important to know from the beginning that this process may take a while, and to be aware that wins for other plaintiffs are wins for all plaintiffs. Even if your case is not being worked up at trial, paying attention to verdicts that are coming out of other venues that are favorable for plaintiffs. Additionally, pre-trial rulings where a plaintiff expert was allowed to testify about the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer are helpful.

Expecting that things happening in the litigation generally are good for the client’s case is one way that you can really prepare yourself for this process, because it can be difficult and it can take a while for things to conclude. However, it is absolutely worthwhile and it is absolutely how we hold individuals, companies, and entities accountable for things they have done wrong.

What to Look for in a Lawyer

When beginning the process of mass tort litigation, a person should look for an attorney who is well connected, who has the resources to fight, and who has the wherewithal to know how best to fight.

For example, an attorney may travel multiple times a year to conferences across the country to meet with other lawyers who are also pursuing talcum powder cases and other mass tort cases. As attorneys meet at these conferences, they have the opportunity to know the status of the litigation and to know the plan from the plaintiff’s perspective. This is extremely important because when you are dealing with mass tort cases, there is a certain nuance that is required.

Mass tort litigation requires a certain amount of coordination that needs to happen to make sure that everybody is on the same page, and being well connected is extremely important in that regard.

You also want an attorney who is not going to look at your file as a case number or as just another file. You are going to want to an attorney who is well connected nationally, but also who knows you locally. There are not a whole lot of mass tort lawyers who are able to meet with their clients face-to-face and have clients come into the office. Sometimes, clients want to speak with their attorneys, and in mass tort cases, there are many clients and if you are just another number, it is going to be hard to get your lawyer on the phone.