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Ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly gynecological cancers that we know of, especially since there is no routine screening that tests for it. For example, the pap smear, which women get yearly or every few years depending on their age, would not detect ovarian cancer and its symptoms are very vague like abdominal pain, fatigue, and lower back pain. Oftentimes, these symptoms do not get bad enough until the cancer is already in its later stages and that is when it is caught.

There are a lot of theories about the factors that can cause ovarian cancer. Some people argue that pregnancy and taking birth control pills may lower the risk of ovarian cancer. Some believe that there are genetic mutations that may cause ovarian cancer; that speaks to the BRACA genes that may place a woman at a greater likelihood of developing ovarian cancer. Additionally, consistent use of talcum powder over a period of time really and truly increases a woman’s risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Many women have used talcum powder as part of their feminine hygiene routine for years. If you, or someone you love, has used talcum powder and has since been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it is very important to contact an experienced Raleigh talcum powder lawyer as soon as possible.

Having a Biopsy

A biopsy would remove part or all of the cancerous tissue so that it could be examined, labeled, and indicated exactly what substances were in the presence of the biopsy. For example, if the talc mineral is in the cancerous tissue, that would be very helpful to help prove that the cancer was caused by talcum powder.

biopsy can tell us some important information about a cancern. The pathology slides from the biopsy allow doctors the opportunity to examine them to find the presence of talc particles.

It is difficult to prove that talcum powder did not cause or contribute to ovarian cancer when you are finding the actual substance in the tumor and in the cancerous tissue, which is why the biopsy can be so helpful.

Proving the Connection

Juries like to see physical evidence like that, so testimony about the use of talcum powder over a period of years is going to be really helpful to every case. In addition, being able to show them a slide that has talcum powder particles ingrained in the cancerous tissue is as compelling as it gets.

When to Contact a Lawyer

If a person has used talcum powder, they should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

One of the important ways that an attorney can show that talcum powder caused ovarian cancer in an individual is to retrieve the pathology slides and examine them. Some hospitals only keep those slides for a set number of years, so the longer you wait, the greater the likelihood that the pathology slides would be destroyed. Once the physical evidence is destroyed, it becomes much easier to miss the really important piece to help tell your story and tell the story to the jury of how talcum powder caused ovarian cancer.