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Homeowners insurance is a means of protecting your home, business, family, and finances in the event of natural disasters. Unfortunately, many people are denied coverage under their homeowners insurance policy, or they discover there are substantial and significant discrepancies between the damage and the amount an insurance company may offer.

Homeowners insurance policies are often filled with complex and ambiguous terms that can make it difficult to understand your rights. If your insurance claim has been denied or you believe you were not given a fair settlement, you have the right to appeal the decision of a claim.

Appealing a claim denial in Raleigh requires a thorough understanding of the insurance policy. A well-versed attorney who has a comprehensive understanding of insurance regulations could be prepared to guide you through the process of appealing a claim denial.

Insurance Policies in Raleigh

Homeowners insurance is governed by an insurance policy, which is akin to a contract. As set forth in North Carolina General Statutes §58-1-10, a contract of insurance is an agreement between an insured individual and a person where, in exchange for paying premiums, an insurance company should reimburse an individual for the destruction or loss of their property.

Good faith and fair dealing are essential parts of any contract. With this in mind, if an individual feels that they have been wrongly denied coverage under their insurance policy, they can file an appeal.

Steps to Take When Appealing an Insurance Claim

Before appealing a claim denial in Raleigh, there are some critical steps to take which can help expedite the appeal process and support a claim following a fire, flood, hurricane, or another natural disaster. The first step a person should take as part of the appeals process is contacting their insurance company and obtaining a copy of their insurance policy. By having a copy of the policy itself, a person could both determine the extent of their coverage and learn the appeals process under the policy.

Once a person has acquired a copy of their insurance policy, the next step is to get an appraisal. An appraisal by an independent company can provide an unbiased estimate as to the value and extent of the damage and could be a strong indication to an insurance company that a claim is legitimate.

Upon collecting a copy of their policy and receiving an appraisal, the next step a person should take is gathering evidence. Collecting paperwork and organizing receipts, photos, and other evidence can strengthen the likelihood of a successful appeal.

The Disaster Mediation Program

Due to the high percentage of natural disasters—namely, hurricanes—that have affected North Carolina throughout the years, the General Assembly of North Carolina has enacted a Disaster Mediation Program. This program is designed to help effectuate a fair and timely settlement for property insurance claims arising out of natural disasters such as hurricanes.

This Disaster Mediation Program allows for a non-adversarial process that can help expedite a settlement and possibly avoid a denial. During mediation, a neutral mediator would meet with a claimant and their insurance company to pursue a resolution for a disputed claim.

Contact a Lawyer for Help Appealing a Raleigh Claim Denial

Appealing a claim denial in Raleigh can be stressful, particularly when your home and life have been impacted by a natural disaster. A qualified insurance lawyer could help explain your rights and obligations under your insurance policy and may be uniquely equipped to help you appeal a claim denial with your insurance company. Call today to learn more.