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Insurance companies have an obligation to either affirm or deny coverage of an insurance claim within a reasonable amount of time after a policyholder provides proof that they suffered property damage because of a fire, flood, lightning, hail or because of another natural disaster. This entails an insurance company conducting a proper and thorough evaluation of the claim, considering all the relevant facts and circumstances, and abiding by the terms of the associated insurance policy.

However, it is important to note that insurance companies are corporate entities that are often concerned with their profits. This could cause some over-enthusiastic insurance adjusters to deny legitimate claims for natural disasters.

If you have suffered property loss or damage following a storm, fire, flood, or other natural disasters, and your insurance claim has been denied, consider contacting an experienced Raleigh insurance claim denial lawyer. A dedicated insurance attorney could ensure you understand every aspect of your policy and can effectively appeal a denial you receive.

Reasons Why Claims Could Be Denied

Unfortunately, insurance companies are well-versed in potential reasons to deny an insurance claim. Some of the more common reasons for an insurance company to deny a claim for property damage stemming from a fire, flood or storm include the following:

  • Not filing a claim on time – Typically, insurance policies contain a provision about notifying the insurance company of a loss, so it is critical to have a copy of the insurance policy and be aware of the time frame provided by the policy


  • Failing to pay premiums – Insurance companies function by collecting premiums in exchange for payment following a claim, so if an individual fails to pay their premiums, the insurance company may deny their subsequent property damage claim


  • Making false statements – Following a natural disaster, it is critical to make fair and accurate statements, as insurance companies may deny a claim either in part or in its entirety if a policyholder makes false claims regarding the extent of the damage

Steps to Take to Potentially Avoid a Denial

There are some steps an individual can take to not only help expedite payment but also to ensure that their claim is not denied. The first step is to document losses. By documenting losses following a natural disaster, a person can ensure that their insurance company is informed of the exact losses.

This is also a way of ensuring that the insurance company properly pays on an insurance policy. By thoroughly documenting losses, an individual could be more capable of holding insurance companies accountable for full payment.

Another way to help ensure a claim is not denied is to thoroughly review the associated policy. Insurance companies could use a procedural misstep as a basis for denying a claim. By reviewing the policy alongside a insurance claim denial lawyer in Raleigh, a person could ensure they abide by their insurance policy’s requirements for submitting claims.

Retain a Raleigh Insurance Claim Denial Attorney

If your insurance claim was denied after you sustained damage to your home, office, or property following a natural disaster, consider contacting a Raleigh insurance claim denial lawyer. With significant experience fighting against insurance companies for their unfair practices, a credible insurance attorney could help explain your rights, explore your options, and aggressively pursue compensation from insurance companies.