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Every day, almost one and three-quarters of a million people travel on domestic flights around the country. This works out to almost 632,000,000 people a year that fly out of airports including Raleigh on an annual basis.

To move that many people, airlines employ thousands of workers around the country. These employees perform jobs ranging from pilots and flight attendants to maintenance workers, to baggage handlers and gate attendants. All of these employees, whether they are full or part-time, are covered by workers’ compensation insurance policies. These policies provide emergency income to workers who suffer injuries while performing their work duties.

Sadly, the employers and insurance companies that administer these policies are not quick to issue benefits. They may find excuses to deny payment that range from paperwork errors to claiming the injury was not work-related. A Raleigh airline employee workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to help those whose claims are denied file appeals and fight for their benefits. Consult a skilled workers’ compensation attorney that could advocate for you.

Workers’ Compensation in Raleigh

North Carolina Workers’ Compensation law governs which employers must carry insurance, what obligations they have, and the rates at which benefits must be paid. All employers with at least three employees must obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy that covers all injuries that happen while at work.

The concept of “at-work” is more complicated than it seems. In short, an employee must be on the clock and performing their work duties for an injury to be considered work-related. Any injury that happens due to horseplay, during a commute, or while drunk cannot form the basis for a claim.

The potential benefits cover payments for both any missed time at work as well as any permanent loss of future work ability. These payments are 66.6 percent of a worker’s normal weekly wage and continue until a person can return to work.

The law also covers steps to take if a claim is in dispute. North Carolina requires all those involved in disputes over workers’ compensation to submit to mediation sessions. If these sessions fail to settle the matter, the state commission may reconsider the case.

How Injuries Happen while Working for an Airline

Injuries that occur in this line of work often happen in one of two ways. The most frequent version involves catastrophic injuries. These are one time incidents that injure a worker to the extent that they are unable to continue working. This can include:

  • Torn ligaments from moving baggage
  • Broken bones from mechanical failures during maintenance
  • Injuries from assaults committed by passengers
  • Concussions from rough landings or turbulence

Just as viable as one time injuries are injuries that are the result of repetitive stress. The more labor-intensive jobs require constant lifting, pushing, or grabbing. This places great strain on joints and muscles. However, even the less physically demanding jobs, such as desk clerks or flight attendants, require people to be on their feet or to reach for items. These actions can cause degeneration in cartilage or tendons that result in long-lasting injuries. A Raleigh airline employee workers’ compensation lawyer could help individuals pursue damages for those injuries.

Consulting a Raleigh Airline Employee Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Airline workers earn their living in a dangerous environment. Even if their jobs do not involve manual labor or the use of machinery, dealing with the public and flying at 30,000 feet carry risks. Any injury that happens during a person’s employment may be the foundation for a workers’ compensation claim.

Unfortunately, many employers and insurance companies will make any excuse to deny a claim. They may argue the employee did not properly file the claim, or that the injury was not work-related. When this happens, workers may have the right to appeal the denial.

A Raleigh airline employee workers’ compensation lawyer could help argue these appeals. They work to represent employees’ cases in mediation sessions and state commission hearings. Contact an attorney today to see how they can fight by your side for the benefits that you deserve.