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The vast majority of employees in Raleigh’s airport and other airports and around the country are covered by state workers’ compensation laws. However, some workers are employees of the federal government. When this is the case, they are protected in case of injury or death by the United States Department of Labor’s laws.

These laws are generally similar to those that control state claims but do have some vital differences. It is essential that employees understand the differences between state and federal procedures and how they may affect their claims.

A workers’ compensation attorney can help FAA employees press their claims for compensation from an on the job injury. If their claims are denied, they can help them file and argue their appeals for the benefits they deserve. If an individual wants to know more about Raleigh workers’ compensation and the FAA, they should speak with a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer that could help.

Who Counts as an FAA Employee?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) performs several duties at airports and the surrounding areas. Specifically, they are responsible for:

  • Day to day air traffic control and management
  • Designing and installing facilities for air navigation
  • Research and development at airports for better air traffic flow

Therefore, employees of the FAA can be air traffic controllers, inspectors, engineers, and supervisors. While it is rare for an FAA employee to participate in jobs involving heavy manual labor, this does not lessen the government’s responsibilities in case of an employee injury.

Many of these jobs, especially those involving air traffic control, are highly stressful. It is not uncommon for these people to suffer mental breakdowns or panic attacks that may affect their ability to work. In addition, any injury that is the result of repetitive physical movement may be considered work-related and eligible for benefits.  That is why it is important for individuals to understand Raleigh workers’ compensation and the FAA, so they can pursue the benefits they are entitled to.

Protections the Government Provides Injured FAA Employees

All claims for workers’ compensation for federal employees are handled by the United States Department of Labor. Specifically, the Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation handles the process. To file a claim, a worker must complete a claim form that outlines the incident that caused the injury. The government may then pay for any necessary medical treatment needed to bring them back to health.

A successful claim may result in payment for any lost time at work in addition to compensating a worker for any lost future earning capacity. These benefits may be paid at a rate as high as 75 percent of a workers’ normal weekly wage.

Options After a Claim Denial

A workers’ compensation claim may be denied for any number of reasons. The department may not believe the injury is work related, or the paperwork may be incomplete. In any event, every person has the right to appeal their denial to the Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board.

This board has the final authority to decide all matters concerning disputed workers’ compensation claims. People must file a request for an appeal within 180 days of the original decision and may not submit new evidence for the appeal. However, they may request to appear in person to make an oral argument before the board, but this is not required. A workers’ compensation attorney can help workers file an appeal and make a powerful argument in their favor.

Raleigh Workers’ Compensation Cases for FAA Employees Require Special Attention

All FAA workers in North Carolina are protected by the federal government’s Department of Labor. As such, all requests for workers’ compensation must be filed with the local compensation office. However, even though the US government is the entity that issues benefits, strict rules still apply.

Any time the government denies a request for compensation, the person has the right to file an appeal. An attorney with experience helping FAA employees receive workers’ compensation may be able to help. They work to ensure the appeal is filed correctly and can argue before the board when it is necessary to get people the benefits that they deserve. Call today to find out more about Raleigh workers’ compensation and the FAA today.