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Before every flight, all aircraft must undergo a multi-point inspection before they are allowed into the air. The aviation maintenance technicians who work on these planes on a daily basis are responsible for not just their own safety but for that of every person in the air.

The maintenance of airplanes is a highly technical process involving the use of heavy tools to repair complicated machinery. With all these complex procedures, it is inevitable that accidents will happen. Accidents that happen in the workplace can be the source of a workers’ compensation claim.

Sadly, the companies that provide this insurance coverage make their profits by denying Raleigh aviation maintenance technician injury claims. They may find any available excuse within the law to avoid payment after an aviation maintenance technician injury. A dedicated airline employee workers’ compensation attorney may be able to help people fight back to obtain the benefits they deserve.

Common Sources Injuries for Aviation Maintenance Technician

Aviation maintenance technicians perform a dangerous job. They are responsible for maintaining both heavy machinery and fine instruments. This combines the standard hazards present in a machine shop with those that threaten the health of employees in large manufacturing settings.

The job involves the use of power tools and employees work in an environment with flammable materials and caustic chemicals. As a result, injuries are common. Typical examples include:

  • Burns from heat exposure, caustic chemicals, or electricity
  • Broken bones and separated joints from slip and falls
  • Deep cuts or bruises from dropped tools
  • Concussions or brain injuries from hits on the head
  • Loss of limbs from getting caught in heavy machinery

Any injury that causes a person to miss time at work can be the basis for a workers’ compensation claim. In addition to any single instance of catastrophic injury, employees may also suffer injuries as a result of prolonged exposure to hazardous conditions. In particular, aviation maintenance technicians may be exposed to harsh chemicals or other carcinogens that can permanently impact their ability to work. An attorney could help people understand the impact their medical condition has on their ability to work and properly file a claim for compensation.

Appealing Denied Claims

Normally, employers with at least three employees must obtain a workers’ compensation insurance policy. This policy provides income for anyone hurt at work. However, the concept of whether a person was at work when the injury happened can be complicated.

In general, the injury must happen while the worker is on the clock and performing their usual work duties. Therefore, injuries that happen on a commute to work, during a lunch break, or as the result of horseplay may not be covered.

Insurers may also deny a claim because a worker does not properly file the claim. All Raleigh aviation maintenance technician injury claims must be submitted to an employer within 30 days of the accident and in writing. If this deadline passes, the insurer may have grounds to deny the claim.

All denials may be appealed. However, North Carolina law requires parties in a dispute over a workers’ compensation claim submit to mediation. This mediation is designed to produce a settlement without needing to take a case to the state. However, when mediation fails, the state may hear the case and make a ruling.

Consulting an Attorney About Aviation Maintenance Technician Injury Claims in Raleigh

A lawyer can help injured aviation maintenance technicians file Raleigh aviation maintenance technician injury claims, and help them when their claims for benefits are denied. They can work to help you promote your case in mediation sessions and to file formal appeals with the state of North Carolina.

Contact an attorney today to discuss your claim. A knowledgeable lawyer can help you understand your rights as an injured aviation maintenance technician and your options for getting the compensation you need and deserve. Call today for a free consultation.