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In the present time, workers’ compensation is the only legal remedy for employees hurt or made ill on the job. There are some very narrow exceptions to this rule. Legislation has made strict guidelines when it comes to policy. Workers’ compensation provides employees with an exclusive remedy for injuries and illnesses sustained on the job with no regard to fault.

Workers’ compensation is in return for monetary recovery and may include lost wages, medical expenses, and many times – rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation helps to reduce tension in the workplace. It creates a predictable and reliable method for resolving conflict. It is not, however, impossible to file a lawsuit. Employees may be able to seek this recourse in certain situations, such as in the face of criminal conduct or employer retaliation.

Workers’ Compensation in Raleigh 

To determine whether you can file a lawsuit, rather than or in addition to seeking workers’ compensation benefits, you are advised to seek the advice of a workers’ compensation lawyer. To discuss your options after suffering an injury at work, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Raleigh. We represent clients throughout all of North Carolina who need answers during their difficult legal situations.

Lawsuits Dealing With Third Parties

When an employer is unable to insure their employee, they often will have the benefit of filing a suit against a third party.

Examples of this may include:

  • A dangerous situation not being corrected by an inspector
  • A doctor may worsen an injury due to negligence
  • Distributors, manufacturers, and sellers are held responsible for defective products
  • A place of employment may be subject to unsafe conditions that are ignored by a landlord

At Whitley Law Firm, we are glad to accept workers’ compensation cases all throughout the state of North Carolina. To find out more about third party claims, please contact a Raleigh workers’ compensation attorney from our firm today! We offer experienced and knowledgeable counsel to help you deal with the legal elements of your case.