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No matter who is at fault for a workplace accident in North Carolina, every worker is owed compensation from their employer’s insurance. That being said, workers’ comp cases can be far from simple. For one thing, workers’ compensation is its own area of law, one with a maze of restrictions and loopholes, all rules that can be frustrating to navigate without the help of a Raleigh worker’s compensation lawyer.

Difficulty of a Worker’s Comp Claim

This process can further be complicated by other factors in your case. For instance, you also might have other legal options for pursuing compensation, as your insurance coverage may not be sufficient. This could be the case if your accident was caused by defective equipment, meaning you might be able to file product liability claim against the manufacturer. Or if your employer does not carry insurance, you may be able to sue them. And if you ever make an error on your claim or miss a deadline, your claim could be denied.

Any of these and other scenarios can make for a complex legal process, one that you do not want to face alone. If you have been injured at work, this is likely a time that calls for the expertise of a specialist. And not just any legal professional either.

You’ll be up against legal experts, after all, the insurance company’s attorneys. These are specialists who will work to reduce your compensation or deny your claim if possible. For instance, let’s say your accident occurred while on the road for work.

The insurance company’s legal team could craft the defense that you were actually not on the job when you were injured. Having a legal expert on your side can level the playing field, however, and a workers’ comp lawyer could gather the evidence to counter the insurance company’s arguments, enabling you to get the full benefits you need and deserve.

Not only do you need to get your claim successfully past the insurer’s attorneys, but you also have to consider the implications of your claim on your future. If you need to file a disability claim, for example, you need to understand the legal repercussions this could have on your ability to progress in your career. If an injury could be assessed as a permanent or partially permanent disability, then you need to understand what it would mean to be given either diagnosis. A workers’ comp lawyer can help you here too.

Finding An Attorney

As you face the opposition of specialists to your workers’ comp claim, it is important to realize that a personal injury lawyer is not necessarily a specialist in workers’ comp law, an expert on helping clients successfully obtain full benefits from workers’ compensation.

Our legal team also has more than 38 years of legal experience with which we are ready to help you. Learn what your options and legal rights are in a free consultation when you contact a workers’ compensation lawyer from the Whitley Law Firm today!