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Front-end car accidents frequently result in devastating injuries for all involved. These accidents occur when two vehicles collide with each other head-on. They are often severe due to both vehicles traveling at high speed. A hard-working personal injury attorney could evaluate your accident and advise you on your chance of recovering compensation through a lawsuit.

If another person is responsible for your front-end crash, a successful injury claim could result in monetary damages. These damages could compensate you for any losses stemming from the crash. By hiring a Rocky Mount front-end car accident lawyer, you could improve your chances of maximizing your recovery.

Understanding Front-End Collisions

Front-end crashes are a collision between two vehicles. Both cars strike each other head-on. In fact, these accidents are commonly referred to as head-on collisions. These accidents can occur when drivers are entering or exiting a parking lot, or when one driver disregards a stoplight. One of the most devastating types of front-end crashes involves two vehicles traveling in opposite directions on a narrow road.

These accidents typically occur when one or both vehicles leave their lane and cross over the centerline. When a driver enters the lane with oncoming traffic, front-end collisions can occur.

To determine which driver is at fault in a front-end car accident, a Rocky Mount attorney must first identify whether the victim had the right-of-way. Drivers generally have the right-of-way while they remain in their lane. In other words, a motorist that leaves their lane and crosses into another could be at fault for a front-end crash.

There are other ways to determine the at-fault party in a front-end crash. In addition to failing to yield the right-of-way, a driver could also cause a front-end crash by violating any rules of the road. This could include speeding, turning without a signal, or running a stop sign.

Once the attorney has identified the responsible party and determined their theory of liability, their next step could be to resolve the claim with the other driver.

Resolving an Injury Claim

A Rocky Mount attorney typically has two avenues to resolve a front-end car accident claim successfully. The first option is to reach an agreed settlement with the other driver or their insurance company. The second option involves obtaining a damage award by winning at trial.

Most front-end accident claims never go to trial. In many cases, the sides could spend months negotiating before entering into a settlement agreement. These agreements typically involve the defendant agreeing to pay a settlement amount in exchange for the plaintiff dismissing their lawsuit. While settlements are common, they are never guaranteed. Ensuring the terms of a settlement can take months or even years to negotiate.

If the sides are unable to reach a settlement, a trial becomes the plaintiff’s best chance to recover damages. At trial, both sides will have the opportunity to plead their case. If the jury ultimately rules in favor of the plaintiff, they could award monetary compensation based on the proof the plaintiff provides.

Contact a Rocky Mount Front-End Car Accident Attorney

Any car accident that results in bodily injury is serious. That said, a front-end crash carries the risk of permanent injury that may not be present in other collisions. The impact of this type of crash is often catastrophic.

If you believe you are entitled to compensation after a front-end crash, you do not have to take on your claim alone. Contact a Rocky Mount front-end car accident lawyer to discuss your case immediately.