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The number of accidents that occur in Rocky Mount parking lots might surprise. Many of these collisions involve severe injuries. Despite these accidents routinely occurring at low speeds, a parking lot crash could cause brain trauma, spinal damage, or other severe injuries. A proven personal injury attorney could inform you of your legal options if you sustained injuries in a parking lot crash.

If another person caused your injuries in a parking lot crash, you have the right to seek monetary compensation from them. This process could take some time and is often challenging. Thankfully, a Rocky Mount parking lot accident lawyer could take the stress of handling your injury claim. This could free you up to focus on recovering from your injuries. To get started on a claim, be sure to schedule a free consultation today.

The Right of Way in a Rocky Mount Parking Lot

Unlike a public roadway, parking lots will not always have carefully drawn lanes, traffic signs, or directional arrows. There is rarely a posted speed limit. Despite these differences, the same principles of safe driving from a public roadway are also present in parking lots.

One of the most important considerations in a parking lot is the location of pedestrians. Pedestrians generally have the right-of-way compared to a motorist, and this is true in most parking situations. The right of way is the term for the person or vehicle that is entitled to proceed first. When two people approach the same intersection or parking lane, everyone should wait until the person with the right-of-way proceeds first.

Typically, drivers within the parking lot aisles have the right of way over vehicles in parking spots. If a driver is backing out of a spot, it is their duty to watch for oncoming cars. When it comes to intersecting aisles, the right-of-way typically rests with the vehicle that intends to remain in their own lane. Much like with pulling out of a parking lot and onto the street, a driver must yield to oncoming traffic in the aisle they intend to enter.

Every parking lot is different. Some have carefully posted rules and speed limits, while others lack visible parking spot lines. An attorney assisting a Rocky Mount driver with their parking lot accident claim could review the scene of the accident to determine which driver had the right-of-way.

Building a Winning Parking Lot Accident Claim

Gathering evidence is important in any vehicle collision. That said, the process of gathering evidence is particularly important for an attorney taking on a Rocky Mount parking lot accident case. The police will not always respond to collisions on private property, which means there could be no police report. With this report, a plaintiff or their attorney will need to do the legwork of investigating how an accident occurred.

One of the most powerful potential forms of evidence is testimony from an independent witness. While both drivers can tell the court what happened, testimony from someone without any conflict of interest could sway the jury. Identifying these witnesses and obtaining their contact info could make or break an injury claim.

Reach Out to a Rocky Mount Parking Lot Accident Attorney

A skilled attorney could assist you regardless of the circumstances that surround your parking lot crash. Your legal counsel could review your medical records, investigate your accident, and advise you on the best way to maximize your recovery.

Obtaining compensation for your injuries could be possible. To get started, call a Rocky Mount parking lot accident lawyer right away.