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Rear-end collisions are a common occurrence in Rocky Mount. These accidents involve the front end of one vehicle striking the rear of the car in front of it. While many of these accidents are minor, it is possible for a rear-end crash to lead to devastating injuries. Under the wrong circumstances, these injuries could prove to be fatal.

When the impact in a rear-end crash is severe, it could lead to broken bones, brain injuries, or paralysis. Living with these injuries could be difficult, especially if the accident renders you unable to work. When these accidents occur, a practiced personal injury attorney could advise you on your legal rights.

If you suffered injuries in a rear-end accident, you are entitled to seek financial recovery from the driver that struck you. A Rocky Mount rear-end car accident lawyer could investigate your accident, review your medical records, and help you file a lawsuit.

Assigning Fault in a Rear-End Collision

It is a common misconception in Rocky Mount that the back car in a rear-end collision is automatically at fault. It is true that the back driver bears responsibility for keeping a careful lookout for traffic in front of them. That does not mean liability always lies with the rear vehicle. A plaintiff in a Rocky Mount rear-end car accident case or their attorney must prove negligence the same as any other case.

Establishing negligence requires a plaintiff to show the rear driver owed them a duty that was ultimately breached. This is straightforward in some rear-end accident cases. Every driver owes a duty not to follow the car in front of them too closely. If the rear driver follows more closely than is reasonable, the front car coming to a sudden stop could result in a crash.

If the rear driver fails to uphold this duty, a jury could find them negligent at a civil trial. This could result in a monetary award in favor of the plaintiff for their accident-related losses.

There are countless ways a rear-end crash could occur. In any situation, a seasoned Rocky Mount attorney could carefully review the facts of a rear-end car accident. If they determine the rear driver was at fault, they could assist the injured motorist in recovering the compensation they are entitled to.

Contributory Negligence

Financial recovery could be available for a motorist that was struck from behind in a rear-end crash. If that driver shared any responsibility for the accident, it could impact their chances of recovering damages.

Most states have adopted a standard known as modified comparative fault. Under these rules, a driver could recover compensation in a crash as long as they were not primarily at fault. The rules in Rocky Mount are far more restrictive.

According to state law, the doctrine of contributory negligence applies when a plaintiff is partially responsible for a crash. Under this doctrine, a plaintiff may only recover compensation if they were blameless in the accident. While this standard is harsh, an experienced attorney could demonstrate to the jury that the plaintiff played no role in causing the crash.

Speak with a Rocky Mount Rear-End Car Accident Attorney

There is much work that goes into building a successful rear-end accident injury claim. An attorney must research the facts, review the medical records, and draft the lawsuit long before a claim ever sees a courtroom.

With so much to do, it could be beneficial to give your attorney as much time as possible to move forward with your claim. Call a Rocky Mount rear-end car accident lawyer without delay to get started on your claim.