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Despite countless publicity campaigns highlighting the risks of distracted driving, texting while driving is still a common phenomenon. These popular devices cause motorists to take their eyes off the road, making it difficult for them to react to changing conditions. Even looking away for a few seconds could lead to an accident, especially while traveling at high speed.

If you are struck by a texting driver, a seasoned personal injury attorney might be able to assist you with recovering compensation for your damages. Your injuries could be costly to treat, and meeting your financial obligations can be difficult while injured. Let a Rocky Mount texting while driving car accident lawyer guide you toward recovering monetary compensation.

Common Injuries in a Texting While Driving Case

When drivers allow their attention to stray, the result is often a severe auto accident. Drivers traveling at high speeds might fail to notice a car pulling out in front of them or the changing traffic light. When this occurs, the end result could be a car traveling through a red light or into the side of a slow vehicle at high speed.

Due to the risk of a high-speed crash, there are several injuries that are common with texting while driving accidents. These injuries can be permanent in many cases, requiring a lifetime of treatment and assistance. Common injuries include:

  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Neck trauma
  • Ligament damage
  • Amputations
  • Lacerations

Once a doctor evaluates these injuries, a Rocky Mount attorney experienced in handling texting while driving lawsuits could review them. Following this review, the attorney could advise an injured motorist on the damage that could be available in a successful claim.

Rocky Mount Texting While Driving Laws

Most jurisdictions have strict requirements regarding the use of a mobile device while driving, and Rocky Mount is no different. North Carolina Statute Section 20-137.4A outlaws more than just texting while driving. The statute covers a wide range of activities requiring a mobile phone. It is prohibited to type text into a phone in an effort to communicate with another person while driving. This prevents not only texting, but e-mail, messenger, and dialing phone numbers as well.

For adults, not all use of a mobile phone is outlawed. It is lawful to use the device as a GPS. Likewise, operators may make calls using a hands-free device. State law prohibits drivers under the age of 18 from using their phone entirely. Texting is unlawful, as is everything from messenger to mobile gaming. However, there are two important exceptions. An underage motorist can make a phone call while driving if it to contact law enforcement about an emergency, or to reach their parents or guardians.

Call a Rocky Mount Texting While Driving Car Accident Attorney

Dealing with an accident is never easy. If you suffered injuries due to a driver that was on their phone at the time of the crash, the process could become more difficult. Texting while driving may be illegal, but proving that it occurred could be difficult.

For legal counsel that could understand your situation, contact a Rocky Mount texting while driving car accident lawyer. Your initial consultation could provide you with an understanding of your chances of financial recovery.