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The brain serves as a sort of control center for the entire human body. It interprets touch and other stimuli across the skin. It also controls the use of everything from limbs to internal organs. When an injury disrupts the brain, it can have a domino effect that impacts every level of body function.

Many brain injuries are permanent. While others could be treated or mitigated, the cost is often overwhelming. A Rocky Mount traumatic brain injury lawyer could help by filing a civil lawsuit against the person that caused the accident. If successful, this lawsuit could pay for the cost of these medical treatments.

Due to the complex nature of the injury, proving a traumatic brain injury case is often difficult. A hard-working personal injury attorney could help you take on the challenge. To begin discussing the details of your case, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

How Traumatic Brain Injuries Occur

Any severe impact to the head could cause a traumatic brain injury. These wounds could involve either blunt force trauma or penetrating injuries to the brain. Some head injuries can damage the brain without leaving any exterior wounds on the head. This can make identifying a brain injury challenging in certain situations. A better understanding of these wounds could help a Rocky Mount traumatic brain injury lawyer in preparing a claim for trial.

There are many common causes for a traumatic brain injury. Given the significant force involved, vehicle collisions are one of the most common examples. Acts of violence – including gunshot wounds – are another common cause. Other examples could include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Dangerous or defective consumer goods
  • Medical errors

When another person’s negligence causes a traumatic brain injury, they could face liability for the injured person’s cost of treatment. Given that the effects of these injuries can last for a lifetime, these expenses are often substantial.

Legal Options After an Injury

For the victim of a traumatic brain injury, there are two primary options following an accident. With either option, a Rocky Mount traumatic brain injury attorney could provide crucial support and guidance.

In many cases, the best option following an injury is to reach a negotiated settlement with the at-fault person or entity. A successful settlement could be a best-case scenario for many injured people. Not only could they result in monetary compensation for their injuries, it could also mean avoiding lengthy delays. However, the at-fault party or their insurance company might not always be willing to negotiate in good faith.

When a settlement does not occur, the second legal option following an injury involves a lawsuit. In some cases, a settlement is still an option after the filing of a legal claim. In others, only a trial can resolve a traumatic brain injury claim. In either case, the outcome could lead to monetary compensation for a person living with a traumatic brain injury.

Call a Rocky Mount Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Regardless of the basis of your traumatic brain injury claim, it is not in your best interest to drag your feet. The person responsible for your injury is unlikely to delay finding an attorney. This puts you at a disadvantage every day you wait to move forward on your claim.

A Rocky Mount traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you develop your case right away. From investigating its origins to filing a lawsuit against the responsible party, your choice of lawyer will play a crucial role in whether you recover the damages you are entitled to. To learn more, schedule your consultation right away.