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It is nearly impossible to drive anywhere in Rocky Mount or the surrounding areas without encountering a commercial vehicle. These dump trucks, tractor-trailers, and delivery vehicles carry goods around the country in an economical fashion. Unfortunately for the drivers and passengers in smaller cars, the size of these trucks makes them a serious hazard.

A Rocky Mount truck accident lawyer is here to help protect the legal rights of people who suffer injuries in truck accidents. They can work to determine who is to blame for the incident, to help plaintiffs to measure their losses, and to demand appropriate payments from at-fault truckers, their employers, and insurance companies.

Laws that Mandate Safe Truck Operation

In many ways, commercial vehicles are no different than personal cars in the eyes of the law. The drivers must still be sure to obey all applicable speed limits, yield signs, and proper signaling etiquette. A trucker who fails to follow these laws and is involved in an accident is likely to be at-fault for that collision. Other cases involve a more detailed examination of the actions of all parties before the collision.

There are also special rules that control safe trucking. Many of Rocky Mount’s roads and streets limit when commercial vehicles can operate or even ban trucks of a certain weight from ever entering the road. Furthermore, federal trucking regulations control the maximum weights of vehicles on interstate highways and limit how many hours a trucker can be behind the wheel in any given day or week. A trucker who violates the special commercial vehicle laws place all other travelers at a serious risk of harm. A Rocky Mount truck accident lawyer could provide more information about the special laws that apply to safe truck driving and how a violation of those laws may point to trucker negligence.

Contributory Negligence

Since Rocky Mount courts must use that standard of contributory negligence as mandated under North Carolina Statute §1-139, truckers may be able to argue that a plaintiff’s own inattentiveness or violations of traffic laws contributed to the accident. If a jury believes that a plaintiff was in any way responsible for a collision, that jury must not award any compensation. As a result, it is vital to gather evidence that names a defendant trucker as the sole liable party for an accident.

Obtaining Proper Compensation Following an Accident

Truck accidents can result in life-altering injuries. The size of even smaller versions of commercial vehicles can place thousands of pounds of force on the bodies of other drivers and their passengers. Even a collision at relatively low speeds can cause crushing damage to other vehicles and the people within. As a result, some common examples of physical injuries after a truck crash include:

  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis
  • Severe burns
  • Amputations

These physical injuries form the core of personal injury claims that follow trucking accidents. The injured parties demand compensation to pay for all medical care that these injuries necessitate. This includes payments for past care as well as estimated costs of future treatment.

However, the severity of these injuries means that a plaintiff’s losses usually eclipse the mere need for physical medical care. These harsh injuries can also inflict severe emotional trauma and mental health concerns. It is not unusual for the victims of truck accidents to suffer from PTSD or to require counseling to make a better recovery.

Finally, the need to seek medical care or to make an emotional recovery may also force a person to miss time at work. A claim for damages can demand payments for all lost income as well as funds to make up for any lost future earning potential. A Rocky Mount truck accident lawyer could help individuals to accurately measure their losses and to demand appropriate payments from defendants.

A Rocky Mount Truck Accident Attorney May be Able to Help

Collisions between trucks and other vehicles can result in some of the most severe personal injuries. The people involved in these collisions may be lucky to be able to walk away but will almost certainly require immediate and intensive medical attention. Making matters worse, the effects of these incidents can affect your finances and emotional wellbeing for months or even years after the fact.

A Rocky Mount truck accident lawyer could help you to pursue the compensation needed to set things right. They can handle every portion of the claim from gathering essential evidence to explaining the local and federal trucking laws and taking steps to name both drivers and their employers as defendants in negligence claims for damages.