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Car accidents happen every day in Southern Pines and these include front-end car collisions. Unfortunately, these accidents can cause significant injuries. If you or someone you know has been involved in a front-end accident, a consultation with a Southern Pines front-end car accident lawyer may be to your benefit. An experienced car wreck attorney could help you better navigate the legal channels to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Determining Fault in a Front-End Car Accident

North Carolina is one of the few states in the nation to still employ a contributory negligence law to car accidents. This means, subject to certain exceptions, that if an injured claimant is even one percent responsible for their injuries, they may not recover from a party even where that party is 99 percent responsible for the accident. Sorrells v. MYB Hospitality Ventures, 332 N.C. 645 (1992). This could lead to extremely harsh results, and it may be prudent to speak with a front-end car wreck attorney in Southern Pines who might provide guidance on the law and its nuances.

Contributory Negligence in Southern Pines

Although the law as described above can be difficult for an injured party, there are several exceptions that a Southern Pines front-end car accident lawyer may be able to help explore. First and foremost, the law only applies where the negligence of the injured party actually contributes to the accident. So, for instance, a person going a few miles over the posted speed limit might be technically negligent, but if that excessive speed had nothing to do with being front-ended by a drunk driver, the injured party might still recover.

Another exception is known as the “last clear chance” doctrine, which states that even where the injured claimant’s negligence contributed to the injury, the contributory negligence of the plaintiff might not bar recovery if the other driver nevertheless had a reasonable opportunity to avoid the accident and failed to do so.

Finally, even where an injured party is negligent, such negligence may not bar their claim where the other driver’s conduct was intentional or reckless, such as a drunk driver or a driver going at a highly excessive speed.

Given the complexity of North Carolina law on these issues, an injured party might benefit from speaking with a skilled lawyer who is knowledgeable about front-end car accidents.

Time Limits and Available Compensation

For most negligence claims, including car accidents, North Carolina imposes a three-year statute of limitations. N.C.G.S. §1-52. Therefore, it may be of benefit to speak with a Southern Pines front-end car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Subject to the above considerations, a person injured in a front-end car collision might be entitled to damages, including:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering arising from the accident
  • Payment of present and future medical expenses associated with treatment for injuries caused by the accident
  • Compensation for lost wages and reductions in future earning capacity arising from the accident

Contact a Southern Pines Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can be scary and could lead to physical and financial hardship. In such circumstances, it may be advisable to contact a Southern Pines front-end accident lawyer so that your rights may be protected. Call today to see how an accomplished attorney could help you.