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While any type of auto accident can result in serious injuries, head-on collisions are often some of the most severe and potentially life-threatening. These crashes commonly occur at four-way intersections where another driver fails to stop at a red light or when a driver who is immediately in front of another driver suddenly slams on their brakes, leaving the tailing motorist no time to adequately stop.

A Wake Forest front-end car accident lawyer may be able to help you to pursue compensation following these types of wrecks. A detail-oriented and experienced attorney could explain your rights under the law, gather evidence to determine fault, and work tirelessly to collect fair compensation for your losses.

Who is At-Fault for an Accident?

State law suggests that there is no such thing as a no-fault auto accident. This means that insurance companies and courts must evaluate the actions of all people involved in a collision to determine who carries the blame.

For an injured plaintiff to prove fault, multiple elements must be established. These include:

  • Duty—the driver owed the injured claimant a duty to act safely and obey by the rules of the road
  • Breach of duty—the defendant neglected this duty by driving negligently, such as by speeding or texting behind the wheel
  • Causation—these actions by the defendant resulted in a crash or collision
  • Damages—this crash caused the claimant to suffer injuries

Even when a person’s injuries are apparent, however, proving fault can be difficult for underprepared claimants. However, a well-practiced Wake Forest attorney who is familiar with head-on collision claims could help to gather the evidence needed to demonstrate fault.

Recoverable Damages After a Head-On Crash

Because head-on collisions often lead to severe injuries, a plaintiff should be aware of the scope of the damages that they may request in a claim. Depending on the unique facts of a case, an injured claimant can request numerous economic damages, such as medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages due to missed time at work.

Beyond this, however, a claimant might also be able to request compensation for the pain and suffering they endured as a result of the accident. This might include:

  • Emotional anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Loss of consortium

Seek the Service of a Wake Forest Front-End Car Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a head-on collision, you have legal options and might benefit from seeking the service of a Wake Forest car accident lawyer for help. Depending on the facts of your case, proving that another driver was to blame could be challenging and require an in-depth knowledge of both local and state laws.

As a result, instead of trying to navigate the claims process alone, having a qualified attorney on your side could prove to be beneficial. A legal professional could help to explain the relevant laws, answer your questions, shoulder the burdens of a claim, so that you can focus on your recovery. To schedule a consultation, call today.