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Ridesharing companies such as Uber have revolutionized the way Americans get from place to place. Like taxi drivers, Uber drivers are not actual employees of the company, and conversely, the companies do not own the vehicles of their drivers. In other words, if a person is involved in an Uber or taxi accident, it can be hard to know who to take legal action against. Such complex factors can come into play when the time to hold a person accountable arrives.

If you were hurt in an Uber or taxi accident, you may be feeling angry and confused. To mitigate your circumstance, it may be best to retain the services of a passionate attorney. A Wake Forest Uber/taxi accident lawyer can act as an advocate on your behalf while you focus on healing from your injuries. For more information, schedule a consultation today.

Establishing Liability in a Wake Forest Ride-Sharing Crash

Depending on the nature of their accident, passengers of Uber or taxi drivers may have up to several options at their disposal in the wake of a crash. It may be possible to force the driver of the Uber or taxi to pay for any damages with their own insurance. Taking this route can be difficult, primarily because most Uber and taxi drivers do not carry commercial insurance. Insurers often include businesses use exclusions in policies, which means they are not required to cover any accidents caused by their policyholders in the event they are driving for profit.

Victims could potentially be able to file a claim against then insurance company of the responsible driver to pay for their injuries. The injured driver may be able to make a third-party insurance claim to their insurer and file a personal injury lawsuit against them if the refuse to pay. If the injuries sustained by a driver are relatively minor, a lawsuit against the insurer may be enough, especially if the other driver has adequate coverage. However, this coverage may not be enough if there are serious injuries involved.

Third-Party Liability Claims

In most cases, a passenger may have to file a claim against the third-party liability insurance of the taxi or ridesharing company. Most companies provide up to $1 million for injuries and property damage, which will take effect if an injured person exhausts the insurance of the at-fault driver. However, to file a claim, an injured passenger will need to prove the other driver was at fault at the time of the crash.

What if a Person is Hit by an Uber or Taxi Driver?

If a person is hit by an Uber or taxi driver, they may be able to pursue a claim against the liability coverage of the responsible party. However, it is likely that this would not be successful, and the injured party will end up having to make a claim against the insurance policy of the ridesharing company. Claims are usually relatively simple to resolve, especially if the Uber or taxi driver was carrying a passenger at the time.

Contact a Wake Forest Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in an Uber or taxi accident, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries. The idea of filing a claim against a major ridesharing service or taxi company may seem intimidating, but it can be done in many cases.

For professional legal assistance, schedule a free consultation today. A Wake Forest Uber/taxi accident lawyer could examine the details of your case and inform you of your eligibility. Call today to get started.