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An accident caused by another party’s negligence can lead to catastrophic injuries, which may significantly alter the course of an injured person’s life. If you are uncertain about whether you will ever be able to return to work or normal life, you should contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney for legal advice.

If you sustained catastrophic injuries in an accident caused by someone else’s careless behavior, you may be able to obtain damages to cover the medical treatment that you need while you are unable to work. A seasoned Wake Forest catastrophic injury lawyer could assist you in pursuing responsible parties for compensation.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

While some accidents result in minor damages, others can cause catastrophic injuries, which may be devastating for victims and their families. Some examples of catastrophic afflictions include:

  • Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries
  • Severe head trauma
  • Amputations
  • Burns

Catastrophic injuries can be life-changing and are more likely to result in permanent impairment. Catastrophically injured individuals may be unable to work in their prior occupations, or at all in some cases. They may also require extensive treatment from a doctor or even home and vehicle modifications to accommodate medical equipment.

Lost wages and accumulating medical bills can make these situations seem hopeless. Holding responsible parties accountable for causing an accident and subsequent catastrophic damages could provide the financial support that a claimant needs to recover from or adapt to their injuries. A dedicated Wake Forest catastrophic injury attorney could help a claimant obtain maximum compensation from at-fault parties.

Causes of Catastrophic Damage

These injuries can be the result of many different scenarios. Some of the most common situations which lead to catastrophic injuries include:

Accidents caused by another party’s carelessness can lead to physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and permanent disabilities. When negligence results in catastrophic injuries, a claimant may have legal recourse against potentially liable parties.

Available Compensation

A civil suit could allow catastrophic injury victims to seek compensation for their losses. Recoverable damages can cover the costs of medical bills, rehabilitation, ongoing treatment, assistive devices, medications, and more. Compensation in personal injury claims may also cover intangible losses such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium.

Injured claimants could also recover wages missed during treatment as well as future income for those who are left unable to return to work. A steadfast catastrophic injury lawyer in Wake Forest could estimate a claimant’s damages and build a strong claim for compensation on their behalf.

Call a Wake Forest Catastrophic Injury Attorney for Assistance

While recovering from or adapting to catastrophic injuries may be difficult, financial compensation can help you achieve your goals. An experienced Wake Forest catastrophic injury lawyer could improve your chances of obtaining damages from parties whose negligence led to your debilitating condition. Working with qualified legal counsel may allow you to focus on your physical and emotional recovery from the trauma you have suffered, so reach out today to schedule an appointment.