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Trauma to the neck and back can cause spinal cord injuries which may lead to damaged muscles, vertebrae, and nerves. Spinal cord injuries can be catastrophic, life-altering, and permanently debilitating, and they may even result in paralysis. If you suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, you should consider reaching out to an experienced catastrophic injury attorney for assistance with filing a claim for damages.

A skilled Wake forest spinal cord injury lawyer could work with you to determine the cause of your accident as well as identity all parties potentially liable for your losses. Pursuing litigation with legal representation may allow you to hold responsible parties accountable for their wrongful or careless behavior.

Spinal Cord Injuries in Wake Forest

A sudden and traumatic blow to the spinal cord from a motor vehicle collision, workplace mishap, or premises accident can cause severe damage. Spinal cord injuries can involve broken, compressed, smashed, or moved vertebrae. The effects of a spinal injury may include a loss of sensation, strength, bodily function, and mobility.

Spine damage can be complete or incomplete, depending on the nature and severity of the trauma. Incomplete spinal cord injuries entail partial loss of motor or sensory function below the impact. Alternatively, complete spinal cord injuries can result in a total lack of feeling or functionality below the site of trauma.

For example, an injured claimant may lose all movement and function below the neck and suffer a type of paralysis commonly known as quadriplegia. In contrast, paraplegia involves paralysis of the lower half of the body. Since these conditions may be permanent, retaining legal assistance from a knowledgeable Wake Forest spinal cord injury attorney can help ensure that injured claimants get the damages they need to facilitate recovery.

Assigning Liability for Back Bone Injuries

Wake Forest courts seek to identify the parties responsible for causing an accident and subsequent injuries. Multiple parties may be liable for an incident such as a multi-car accident, and claimants should be aware of the impact that contributory negligence has on catastrophic injury claims. This legal theory can have a significant effect on an injured person’s recoverable damages.

If a jury finds that a plaintiff bears any fault for the accident which led to their injuries, they would be barred from filing any claims for compensation against other responsible parties. This doctrine makes it essential for an injured claimant to seek legal guidance from a dedicated spinal cord injury lawyer in Wake Forest who can help gather and compile evidence of another party’s total negligence.

A Wake Forest Spinal Cord Injury Attorney May Be Able to Help

After suffering a spinal cord injury, you should focus on your physical and mental health as well as the drastic changes that have taken place in your life. You have a limited time to file a catastrophic injury claim, so seeking the advice of a seasoned Wake Forest spinal cord injury lawyer as quickly as possible is critical.

Working with qualified legal counsel may put you in a better position to recover compensation for your losses, regardless of your circumstances. Since spinal cord injuries can be permanent, you may need the financial support and peace of mind that a compensatory award can bring, so call today to learn more about your options.