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A quick moment in time may be all that is necessary for a person to suffer a life-changing injury. Nowhere is this more apparent than in a slip and fall accident. A patch of ice, an uncleaned spill, or even loose carpet could all cause a person to lose their balance and fall.

While this incident may occur on another person’s property, the law cannot assume that the landowner carries responsibility. There are several factors that may determine liability, which may understandably confuse and overwhelm you while you are trying to heal.

Fortunately, a focused Wake Forest slip and fall lawyer could help you. By working with you to file a personal injury claim, an attorney could demand appropriate compensation from an at-fault landowner and pursue a favorable outcome on your behalf.

The Obligation for Wake Forest Landowners to Protect Visitors

Understanding the obligations of a landowner in North Carolina can be complex in slip and fall cases. North Carolina law states that a landowner is only responsible for a slip and fall accident under specific circumstances.

The precedent provided by Nelson v. Freeland, 349 N.C. 615, 507 S.E.2d 882 (1998) dictates that a landowner must take reasonable care to protect invited visitors from harm. However, landowners only must avoid causing intentional harm to trespassers, or people who enter land without permission or overstay a welcome.

All other scenarios involving landowner liability must examine any steps taken by the landowner to protect their guests, meaning that every case is examined on an individual basis. A well-practiced slip and fall attorney in Wake Forest could help injured individuals understand the law, what may be deemed reasonable behavior based on the involved parties, and how this may impact their case.

Speaking with an attorney may also help potential claimants decide how to proceed and ensure that a case is pursued on time. Under North Carolina’s statute of limitations, plaintiffs only have three years from the date of injury to file a claim.

Compensation Available in Falling Accident Cases

Once a plaintiff—the party claiming injury—establishes a landowner is responsible for the incident that harmed them, they must make an accurate account of their losses, including the medical costs associated with the physical injury. Any claim should demand compensation for these losses, but a thorough settlement demand or lawsuit may include more than just medical expenses.

A lawyer experienced with civil cases involving falling accidents in Wake Forest could examine all the impacts of an accident on a plaintiff’s life and seek appropriate compensation for all ensuing losses. This may include compensation for non-economic losses like pain and suffering, mental trauma, and a loss of enjoyment of life.

Claims may also cover economic harm outside of medical expenses. If an injured person worked a full-time job prior to the incident but was forced to cut back on hours to receive medical treatment, a civil claim could demand payments to make up for this lost income.

Speak with a Wake Forest Slip and Fall Attorney Today

From severe bruising and cuts to broken bones and concussions, a slip and fall may have multifaceted and potentially permanent consequences. All told, sustaining an injury on another’s property could affect a person’s health and their finances.

Although proving the defendant in a slip and fall case liable is often complicated, a steadfast Wake Forest slip and fall lawyer could help examine your reasons for being on the property in question and the steps the landowner should have taken to protect your wellbeing. Call today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards seeking a favorable resolution to your case.