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If you were injured in a workplace accident, chances are you may have already heard from your company’s insurance adjuster. An insurance adjuster is the person responsible for representing your employer’s insurance company in your workers’ compensation claim.

Because they represent your employer, you should be extremely careful of what you say to them, as their job is ultimately to save the insurance company money. In other words, their job is to pay you as little as possible for your injury claim.

When meeting with insurance during a Wilmington workers’ compensation claim, it’s important to keep this fact in mind. Doing things like giving the insurance adjuster a recorded statement without the help of an attorney can seriously limit the amount of money you are eventually able to receive for your injuries.

How Does Insurance Fit into Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Under North Carolina statute, every employer must maintain the ability to pay workers’ compensation benefits to their employees. The state allows employers to act as their own insurer by purchasing a license from the Commissioner of Insurance. Alternatively, most employers choose to purchase insurance from a pre-existing insurance company to cover their liability requirements.

For the injured worker, this means that they will likely be dealing with an insurance adjuster from a standalone insurance company as they try to recover financially from their injury. This person will not have the injured individual’s best interest at heart, as they will be trying to save their own company money. In that sense, injured people should always be cautious when meeting with insurance during a Wilmington workers’ compensation claim.

How to Handle Communications With the Insurance Adjuster

Injured people should avoid speaking with the insurance adjuster as much as possible until they have contacted a workers’ compensation lawyer. They should also decline to sign any forms or fill out any paperwork for the adjuster. This ensures that they do not sacrifice their ability to fully recover financially from their injury, as any unwise excessive disclosure may harm their case.

That being said, if an injured person is unable or unwilling to hire a lawyer before speaking with their insurance adjuster, there are some things they should feel comfortable disclosing in any communication. This includes:

  • The duration of their employment
  • The scope of their typical job duties
  • When their accident occurred
  • The cause of their accident
  • Their medical treatment since the accident

Keeping your communication limited to these topics will ensure that the injured person’s insurance adjuster is unable to unearth any information that would give them an upper hand in the subsequent negotiations.

For instance, if the injured individual and their family were struggling financially, it would be unwise to divulge this information, as the insurance adjuster could use it against them in the form of a lower settlement offer they think the injured person will likely to accept.

Consult with an Attorney Before Talking with Insurance Companies

Before meeting with insurance during a Wilmington workers’ compensation claim, it’s important to reach out to an experienced attorney. Working with a lawyer will put you on fair footing when it comes time to negotiate with your employer’s insurance adjuster.

Having someone who represents your interests will allow you to spend your time focusing on healing. Why wait? Call today and get started down your road to financial recovery.