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Buses offer many people an efficient way to get around town or event to travel across state lines. Cities and towns encourage this form of transportation as a way to lessen the number of vehicles on the road as well as to decrease overall pollution levels. Even so, the presence of buses on the roads comes with an increased risk of accidents. These large vehicles are slow to turn or stop in an emergency, and their size creates blind spots that may not allow drivers to see other cars. This leads to an increased frequency of accidents that can have devastating consequences.

A Wilson bus accident lawyer may be able to help people who have suffered injuries because of bus driver negligence. A professional injury attorney may take the necessary steps to investigate the incident, to develop legal strategies that name bus drivers as the liable parties, and to seek appropriate compensation for the resulting injuries.

Severity of Bus Crashes

Despite their obvious utility, buses create many hazards on Wilson’s roads. The need to come to a sudden stop, perhaps for a pedestrian in a crosswalk or because of heavy traffic, may cause an inattentive driver to lose control. A bus driver who is not paying close enough attention to the road in front of them may be unable to come to a stop in time. This can lead to impacts with other vehicles, pedestrians, and even buildings. Some of the most common types of injuries sustained in a bus accident may include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Spinal cord injuries

Bus riders are also especially vulnerable to injury in the event of an accident. Due to the lack of basic safety equipment such as seatbelts or airbags, even a relatively minor collision can result in life-changing injuries. Since bus drivers have a duty to provide protection to their own passengers, these individuals can also seek compensation for their losses. A Wilson bus accident lawyer could help to evaluate the reasons for a bus accident and to evaluate the impact of these collisions on injured individuals.

Proving Liability in a Bus Accident Case

No matter how severe a plaintiff’s injuries may be, they cannot collect any compensation unless they can prove that a bus driver’s negligence was the sole cause of their losses. This is because of the law known as contributory negligence. Under North Carolina Statute §1-139, any plaintiff who carries any blame for an accident cannot collect any compensation. For this reason, it is especially important to promote a powerful claim of bus driver negligence.

Let a Wilson Bus Accident Attorney Fight for Justice

A bus driver whose negligence results in personal injuries is liable for any resulting damage. In many cases, these incidents can also name the bus driver employer as a defendant. This may even implicate the town or city that operates the bus line. In any event, a person who suffers injuries because of the negligence of a bus driver deserves compensation for their losses. However, obtaining compensation can be difficult as state laws require plaintiffs to show that they in no way contributed to the incident.

A Wilson bus accident lawyer may be able to help. They can work with you to hear your side of the story, to help evaluate your losses, and to demand appropriate compensation. Any person who suffers harm because of the poor choices of bus drivers has the right to seek payment. This includes drivers, pedestrians, and even passengers within the bus itself. Schedule a free initial consultation to learn more.