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People who have suffered injuries because of defective products may not know where to turn. They may require thousands of dollars’ worth of medical care, lose out on significant income, or even ensure permanent injury.

Thankfully, Wilson laws hold the makers of products liable for injuries that result from proper use. Even so, proving these claims can be difficult and often requires the aid of qualified expert witnesses.

A Wilson defective products lawyer could help if you need to demand compensation from negligent manufacturers. A skilled injury attorney could help to explain the relevant state laws, gather evidence of manufacturer negligence, and demand appropriate compensation for peoples’ losses.

When are the Makers of Products Liable for an Injury?

State product liability laws offer injured individuals two ways to prove that a maker of an item is liable for their losses. The first is to argue that a defective design resulted in the product being inherently unsafe. Under North Carolina Statute §99B-6, this requires plaintiffs to not only prove that a product’s design carried an inherent defect, but also to show that an economically viable alternative design was available to the maker. This can often require the aid of an expert witness to provide alternative designs that meet this criterion.

The other path to success involves demonstrating that a failure to provide adequate warning on the part of the mater led to the injury. According to North Carolina Statute §99B-5, plaintiffs can win by proving that there was either a lack of proper warning about the dangers associated with using the product or that the maker did not provide proper instructions concerning safe use. A Wilson defective products lawyer could help to examine the facts of the case to make a choice as to the best legal path moving forward.

Importance of Proving Negligence

Defective product cases are much like any other personal injury claim. A liable defendant must provide compensation for all a plaintiff’s losses. However, this only applies if a plaintiff does not share any of the blame for the incident. Especially in defective product cases, defendants may argue that an improper use of a product led to an injury. Under the provisions of North Carolina Statute §1-139, a plaintiff who is even one percent at-fault for their injuries cannot collect compensation in a claim for damages.

Recoverable Damages in a Defective Products Case

It is essential that people make an accurate accounting of their losses. These include physical injuries such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Severe cuts or bruises
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputations

Many incidents leave plaintiffs with economic losses. A defective product that results in injuries so severe as to force a person to miss time at work can lead that person to demand reimbursement for lost wages. Many injuries also carry an emotional component. It is a rare harm that does not inflict pain or suffering on a plaintiff. Some people also experience a loss of quality of life due to not being able to attend school, participate in hobbies, or be intimate with their partners. A Wilson defective products lawyer works for injured individuals to measure their losses and to fight for every dollar of compensation to which they are entitled.

A Wilson Defective Products Attorney Could Help to Hold Negligent Manufacturers Liable

Every maker of products that does business in Wilson has a legal obligation to make products that are safe for their intended use. This includes both seeming innocuous items as well as those that are inherently dangerous. This obligation requires makers to both create a safe design and to warn users of any potential dangers associated with using the item.

Failures on the part of makers in these respects are common. These incidents can result in a variety of personal injuries that require medical attention, have an effect on a person’s ability to earn a living, and affect their overall quality of life. To prevail in a claim for damages, plaintiffs must prove either that a defective design resulted in an unsafe product or that the maker failed in their duty to provide adequate warning.

A Wilson defective products attorney could help you to pursue your claim. They can work to gather evidence concerning the cause of the injury, to measure how that injury has affected your life, and to demand appropriate payments for your losses. Contact a Wilson defective product attorney today to make an appointment.