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Every landowner in Wilson has a legal obligation to protect guests on their property. This includes preventing injuries that occur from temporary hazards, structural defects, and even to provide proper security. However, this becomes much more complex when applied to the laws in the state. Not only do the laws in Wilson limit the duty that landowners owe to certain people, but injured plaintiffs must not carry any of the blame for an accident to collect compensation.

A Wilson premises liability lawyer could help injured individuals hold negligent property owners responsible for their failures. A professional personal injury attorney could help to explain the relevant laws and to promote a claim that alleges landowner negligence as the cause of a plaintiff’s losses.

Common Examples of Premises Liability and Personal Injuries

One of the more common examples of premises liability accidents involve slips and falls on slippery surfaces. In these types of accidents, the landowner fails to provide protection by clearing the spill, and that failure may amount to negligence.

However, the concept of premises liability stretches far beyond simple slips and falls. Property owners must also be sure to take proper steps to maintain the structure of their land. As a result, a defendant who allows a broken step to cause an injury may also be negligent.

In some scenarios, a landowner may even be liable for the criminal activities of third parties. If an apartment owner does not place proper locks on doors allowing an assailant to break-in, the owner may be liable for any resulting personal injuries. Similar rules require bars to provide security personnel and gas stations to have proper lighting. A Wilson premises liability attorney could help to evaluate the actions of landowners to determine if they carry liability.

Contributory Negligence in Premises Liability Cases

Under North Carolina Statute §1-139, courts must evaluate the actions of both defendants and plaintiffs to assign fault for an accidental injury. If that court believes a plaintiff to share even one percent of the blame for the incident, that court must negate the plaintiff’s claim for damages. A premises liability lawyer in Wilson could help to prove that a defendant-landowner is the sole party responsible for an injury.

Reach Out to a Wilson Premises Liability Attorney Today

Every landowner in Wilson assumes a duty to keep invited guests on their land safe from harm. This includes clearing temporary hazards such as ice, ensuring that the land is structurally sound, and providing proper security for guests and tenants.

Still, collecting proper compensation following an injury can be a complicated legal matter. State laws say that plaintiffs who share even the smallest amount of blame for an accident cannot collect any payments. Since these payments may be necessary to cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, and emotional trauma, it is important to be able to promote a powerful claim.

A Wilson premises liability lawyer could help to meet this high legal standard. They could work to not only gather the evidence that demonstrates defendant negligence but also to defeat any allegations of contributory negligence on your part. Contact an attorney today to learn more.