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In Winston-Salem, traffic laws apply to bicyclists the same way they would car drivers. Bicyclists have to ride on the side of the road, follow traffic signals, and yield the right of way. It is important that bicyclists follow the traffic laws because they must share the road with other cars for safety.

Winston-Salem traffic laws are the same across the state. Bicycles are considered to be vehicles and the same traffic rules apply to bicycles as they do with cars. For any harm you may have suffered after such an incident, a distinguished bicycle accident lawyer can be by your side throughout your trial. An attorney has the local knowledge to confront the party responsible for their client’s injuries based on Winston-Salem bicycle accident laws.

Following Bicycle Laws

Whether a bicyclist is following or not following Winston-Salem bicycle accident laws impact an injury case by potentially give rise to a contributory negligence defense which would preclude an injured bicyclist from having a negligence case.There are requirements to wear a helmet when a person is riding a motorcycle but not a bicycle. Riders under the age of 16 are required to wear bicycle helmets.

When a driver is at fault for a bike accident, the impact of local traffic laws would only affect the established negligence of the at-fault driver. The question comes down to negligence and if the at-fault driver is not at fault then the bicyclist potentially does not have a claim. Still, each case is driven by the facts. All types of vehicles must stop at stop signs, obey traffic signals, stay in a travel lane on the right side of the road.

Updating Traffic Laws in Winston-Salem

There is no pattern for updating bicycle accident laws in Winston-Salem with regards to bicyclists. Those laws are laws that are enacted by the North Carolina legislature and they are passed by a legislature.

Anyone who is interested in staying updated on Winston-Salem bicycle accident laws can find that information publicly. It may be important for them to find which laws may impact them if ever involved in an accident. Information is available on the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles website about bikes and may be safety groups or local bike shops would probably have that information as well.

Helmet Laws

From a criminal standpoint, there are no legal ramifications of not wearing a helmet in Winston-Salem. From a civil standpoint, someone might raise the argument that by not wearing a helmet, a bicycle rider was contributorily negligent if they were to be involved in an incident and injured. The impact of following the Winston-Salem bicycle accident laws set around what ages should wear helmets may not mean anything during trial if an individual was injured.

Impact of Not Wearing a Helmet

Helmets are simple protective measures. Accidents do not necessarily have to be caused by a collision. Anything can cause a rider to fall from a bike. In many cases, as the rider tumbles, their head is going to be the last thing that makes contact with the ground and without a helmet, there is no protection. Without a helmet, a person would have a greater injury to their head and brain.

Not wearing a helmet can impact a case by giving a potential argument to the bike rider even in places where this is legal. It could give rise to a potential argument that the bicycle rider was contributorily negligent in the accident. When presenting a Winston-Salem bike accident case, having adhered to bicycle accident lawyers and having worn a helmet are very helpful factors.