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There are many preventative measures an individual should take to avoid a bicycle accident in Winston-Salem. A person should first be aware of their surroundings. They should keep and maintain a reasonable look out, and pass a bicyclist with enough room so not to interfere or come too close to bicycle riders.

Further, bicyclists should wear reflective clothing, put safety lights on their bicycles where appropriate, and follow traffic laws. Many of these preventative measures can help avoid a bicycle accident in Winston-Salem.

However, if you have been involved in an accident due to another’s negligence, consult with a bike accident attorney in Winston-Salem immediately. An experienced lawyer can gather the elements of the case and begin building an effective claim to help recover damages on your behalf.

Precautionary Measures

To help prevent bicycle accidents in Winston-Salem, an individual should keep and maintain a reasonable lookout and keep proper control over their cars. When riding, a bicyclist should know and use arm signals to show if they are turning or planning to slow down. Also, it is important to wear reflective clothing.

If possible, it is recommended that an individual attach a camera to their bicycle or body when riding. This can help preserve information relevant to the accident, or could be helpful or could be hurtful if the bicycle rider was doing something that it should not have been.

When riding, an individual should have information that identifies their name, their emergency contact information, their medical information, and their blood type. This can help dictate medical guidance if an individual needs it. If they are involved in an accident, a person should seek medical treatment for the injuries that they have sustained necessary to preserve their health and consult with a lawyer to find out what their rights are in the accident.

Off-The-Road Safety Measures

In terms of off-the-road safety measures that can help prevent bicycle accidents in Winston-Salem, an individual should maintain their bicycle and keep it in good mechanical order. If a person has a mechanical failure on the road, that would expose them to greater harm.

Further, riders should be sure to use arm signals when turning. If a rider had used the appropriate arm signals, they may have prevented an accident. Bicycles do not have blinkers like cars and yet not all bicyclists are familiar with arm signals. The arm signals are an important way to communicate with other cyclists or drivers.

Also, it is important to note that if a person is under the age of 16, they must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle in Winston-Salem. Not wearing a bicycle helmet could potentially give rise to a contributory negligence defense.

Common Misconceptions

People have a built-in bias toward bicyclists. Some people think they should not be allowed on the road. The misconception that people have about bikes is that they are inherently unsafe and should not be on the road. However, bicycles are vehicles and have every right on the road.

With the right measures, both drivers of bicycles and automobiles can enact preventative measures to help avoid bicycle accidents in Winston-Salem.