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A hit and run accident can change your life in an instant. A “hit and run” driver is someone who is involved in a car accident (either with a person or another vehicle) who flees the scene without stopping to give identification or render assistance to the injured parties.

You will likely face enormous medical costs for recovery and rehabilitation, and may want to pursue litigation against the wrongdoer. A skilled Winston-Salem hit and run accident lawyer can help you get justice. Contact a skilled accident attorney today to begin your case.

Questions of Fault

It does not matter whether the driver charged with the hit-and-run was at fault for the mishap or not. A motorist who gets into a serious collision is expected to stay at the scene and give an immediate account of the incident to police. Failure to do so is negligence on the part of the driver, who can then face both criminal penalties and a civil lawsuit.

If the vehicle operator must leave the scene of the accident to get emergency assistance, the state will not consider that to be a hit and run as long as the driver returns promptly to the scene.

The accident does not have to occur on a public thoroughfare. The law also applies to collisions on private driveways, garages and parking lots. If a driver crashes into an unoccupied vehicle in a parking area and fails to leave a note with full contact information on the windshield, the authorities can decide to treat it as a hit and run.

Eyewitness Accounts in Hit and Run Accidents

Traffic accidents of all kinds, including hit-and-run collisions, happen very quickly. This may lead to conflicting eyewitness accounts. In addition to carefully reviewing all police reports, it is important for the victim’s Winston-Salem hit and run attorneys to begin talking to witnesses and review their stories on the record before their memories begin to fade.

Being knocked by a car can be a very traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally. Victims of vehicular accidents are entitled to recover damages for both kinds of harm.

The diverse array of cars on the road combined with the epidemic of distracted driving, has made automobile accidents more damaging than ever. If the victim is a child or an elderly person, the harm can be significantly worse.

Aftermath of a Hit and Run Accident

Common injuries following a hit-and-run accident in Winston-Salem include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Damage to other vital organs
  • Broken arms or legs
  • Paralysis
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

These kinds of injuries can lead to enormous medical bills, covering both the initial emergency and long-term care, if needed. Loss of consortium—inability to spend time with loved ones—is another type of damage.

Victims of serious automobile accidents often have to miss work for weeks or months while they recover. If the victim was the breadwinner for a family, the financial cost can be devastating.

Drivers are required by law to carry insurance. The lawyers for insurance companies have typically spent years learning every trick that can be used to deny compensation.

Talk to a Winston-Salem Hit and Run Accident Attorney Today

Following an accident, you need aggressive, experienced attorneys on your side who know how to challenge the prosecution for the best possible outcome. Do not let an accident affect your life, contact a Winston Salem hit and run lawyer today.