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After an auto accident has taken place, many individuals are both overwhelmed and confused leading them to make mistakes which could ultimately end up hurting their case, should they file an injury claim. In order to avoid these mistakes, it is important to consult with a Winston-Salem car accident attorney who can assist in preserving evidence and ensuring that a claim is filed.

Common Mistakes

There are many factors in play after a car accident occurs. In turn, an individual can sometimes make a mistake after a car accident in Winston-Salem. Some of the biggest mistakes which can end up impacting recovery include:

  • Refusing medical treatment: Generally speaking, unless an individual is complaining of physical injury or pain, the insurance companies’ argument is that the injury did not happen. It is not advisable for anyone to say something that they are not experiencing. However, many people think they have to tough it out and drive on through pain and that can be a mistake.
  • Failing to follow doctor’s orders: If someone does not follow up with doctors’ orders, an argument could be made that the person was not acting in his or her own best interest to minimize the results of the injuries. That can cause problems in a future claim seeking compensation for bodily injuries. When someone does not follow up within a reasonable time, they create a gap in the treatment. The argument in that situation is that the person could not have been too hurt because they did not seek additional treatment.
  • Giving recorded statements to insurance: An individual could inadvertently admit fault, which would prevent the ability to receive compensation for injuries.
  • Cashing a check from insurance: It is a mistake to cash a check given by another company’s insurance company because cashing a check, depending on what the check is given to an individual for, could be construed as a full and final payment on a claim. That would preclude the individual’s ability to go back and seek additional compensation. If a person has an accident, went to the emergency room and accepted a check for payment of that bill, they could mistakenly foreclose the rest of their claim for any additional treatment or injuries related to that.
  • Failing to contact an attorney: When someone does not understand these rules, they could mistakenly cut off their claim. That prohibits the person’s ability to go back and get additional treatment. For example, some people might think that in a bodily injury claim, the other company’s insurance pays their bills, but that is not the case.

Refusal of Benefits

One other mistake that people may make after being involved in a car accident in Winston-Salem is their reluctance to use benefits offered under their own auto policies. Collision coverage for repairing their property damage and medical payments coverage on their policy would provide some assistance with medical bills. Many people think that using those coverages will automatically increase their premiums. That is not necessarily true. People should know that coverage they paid for can and should be used when appropriate.

Benefits of an Attorney

Attorneys can help an individual through the initial steps of dealing with a car crash by helping them understand the process so they can navigate through the system and make informed decisions. A lawyer can help an individual avoid any mistakes following a car accident in Winston-Salem.