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While industrial facilities must comply with federal and state laws for safety, the nature of industrial work includes the possibility of severe injury. Industrial work can expose workers to toxic chemicals, dangerous equipment, fires, electrocution, and other dangerous environments.

Thousands of industrial workers suffer serious bodily injury each year, and the consequences that follow an injury can be devastating to individuals and families. If you suffered harm from an industrial accident recently, discuss your case with a qualified construction attorney. Consider enlisting an experienced Winston-Salem industrial injury lawyer to represent you in your fight to pursue compensation.

What Qualifies as an Industrial Accident?

A seasoned Winston-Salem industrial injury attorney has the experience to represent and protect the best interests of clients across a broad range of industrial accidents. Industrial accidents have the potential to cause serious bodily injury. Catastrophic injuries can be the result of explosions, fires, collapsing walls, poor containment of hazardous chemicals, and other dangerous environments found at industrial sites. Industrial sites and factories also often use large, heavy equipment.  If the equipment is defective, serious injury can result.

Understanding the Severity of Industry Injuries

Construction, manufacturing, mining, and the plastics industry use chemicals that can have serious adverse effects when workers are exposed to them. Injury can occur from exposure through inhalation of gases and vapors or through penetration of the skin.

Industrial construction is ripe for serious injury. Injuries at construction sites can be the result of collapsing scaffolding, falling debris or tools, trenches that collapse, conveyors, large construction equipment, and other dangers found at a construction site.

Finally, dangerous explosions can occur at industrial sites that result in catastrophic burns and, in extreme cases, death. Industrial sites often have hazardous conditions and practices, and workers may be inadequately trained to prevent accidents and know how to manage an emergency.

Managing Medical Bills After an Injury

After an industrial accident, the medical bills resulting injuries sustained can be intimidating. Injured workers may have trouble paying medical bills, affording medications and follow-up treatment necessary for recovery, and even paying for food and rent—especially if their recovery keeps them out of work and results in lost wages.

In the aftermath of an industrial injury in Winston-Salem, it is important to have an advisor who understands the nature of the injury and the medical costs associated with the injury, as well as the future costs the injury could produce and any resulting disabilities.

A Winston-Salem industrial injury attorney may be able to help an injured worker navigate the difficult and overwhelming effects of an industrial injury, and could provide guidance on managing medical expenses and workers’ compensation claims.

Get in Touch with an Industrial Accident Attorney

If you were the unfortunate victim of an industrial accident while working at an industrial site, factory, or manufacturing plant, you have rights that can be protected and potential remedies for your injury and loss of income. A Winston-Salem industrial injury lawyer could manage your case with skill and professionalism, fighting for you with effort and diligence to get the compensation you deserve. Call today to see what could be done in your case.