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Inherently, emergency rooms are chaotic. The common understaffing in emergency rooms increases the likelihood that errors will be made, which can jeopardize the health of the patients treated.

Even in this type of environment, medical professionals can be liable when negligence or neglect leads to a victim being unnecessarily injured because the professional failed to provide the required standard of care. If you have been injured in this way, you would benefit from the help of an experienced emergency room error attorney in Winston-Salem to help with your case.

Common Errors

The National Institute of Health reports that diagnostic errors are the most common errors in emergency rooms. Since care in emergency rooms is generally urgent and the patients seeking treatment are usually in pain and thus, less cooperative, it is more likely that a patient will be misdiagnosed in an emergency room than anywhere else in the hospital.

A diagnostic error can lead to a patient’s actual ailment going untreated, which may exacerbate the condition. Treatment for the wrong condition may create other medical issues that have to be resolved.

Additionally, procedural errors are also common in emergency rooms. Procedural errors often occur in emergency rooms when medical professional are rushing and fail to follow standard operating procedure because of the volume of patients to be seen and the fast paced nature of emergency treatment. Procedural errors may result in a patient suffering from an infection, damaged organs, or system shock.

Consequences of Emergency Room Errors

Victims of emergency room errors suffer in a myriad of ways thereafter. Delays in treatment may worsen a victim’s condition, a person may have an unnecessary surgery, there may be a need for continued medical treatment following procedural or diagnostic errors, a victim may become cognitively impaired, lose blood, require blood transfusions, and, in worst cases, die.

Statute of Limitations

To establish a legitimate medical malpractice claim in Winston-Salem, the victim must have received care that is below the accepted standard of care and suffered an injury as a result of the medical professional’s breach. The victim of an emergency room error has three years from the date of the incident or one year from becoming aware of the injury to bring a claim in court to preserve the right to do so.

Contacting an Attorney

Contacting an experienced emergency room error legal representative as soon as possible following an incident permits the attorney to investigate the error, review the medical records related to the incident, review subsequent medical records from the injury, and negotiate with the hospital. The early contact also gives the Winston-Salem attorney the alternate method of litigating the claim in court to help the victim recover, if negotiation with the hospital is unsuccessful.

While proving malpractice in an emergency room error case can be difficult, the chances of recovering from your injuries is greatly increased when you choose to work with experienced emergency room error lawyers in Winston-Salem. If you have been harmed due to an emergency room error in Winston-Salem or the surrounding areas, contact an attorney immediately to preserve your legal rights.