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Road rash, head injuries, neck injuries, and lower extremity injuries like feet, ankles, and lower legs are common injuries in motorcycle accidents in Winston-Salem. Additionally, traumatic brain injuries can have potentially lifelong effects. Spinal cord injuries could result in quadriplegia or paraplegia. Additionally, severe orthopedic injuries could potentially lead to amputation.

Being in a motorcycle accident leaves a person exposed, they are not protected by the surrounding structure of a vehicle so motorcycle accident injuries are often more severe than those from automobile accident injuries. If you have been involved in an accident, contact a Winston-Salem motorcycle accident lawyer to begin the process of receiving financial compensation while recovering from your injuries.

If there is a suspicion of internal injuries, the response window for medical treatment is much more critical. People could potentially be bleeding internally and that is not always readily apparent. However, the person is going to need to find that out quickly because, at some point, that is going to go badly.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can result from a motorcycle accident because of the forces involved in a motorcycle accident. It is an injury to the brain of varying degrees. A mild traumatic brain injury would be something like a concussion.

In a motorcycle accident, the motorcycle rider is either thrown to the ground or hits something. When the motorcycle rider is moving down the road, their whole person, including their brain, is moving at the same rate. When their body stops abruptly, either by hitting the ground or crashing into something, the brain that floats in fluid inside of his or her skull continues to travel until it hits the inside of the skull. This is what causes the trauma to the brain.

Brain injuries caused by a motorcycle accident in Winston-Salem are an injury to a vital body part that controls memory, bodily functions, and every element that one needs just to be alive so an injury to that part of the person’s body can have lasting effects. In some instances, people can not make a full recovery.

Headaches, personality changes, mood swings, and dizziness are types of symptoms that persist and should be looked out for. Those are the signs of health concussive syndromes. Those are the types of symptoms that should be reported to medical physicians immediately.

Broken Bones

Broken bones frequently occur as a result of a motorcycle accident. For example, if a motorcycle rider gets T-boned by a car, that would be a direct impact of a part of the motor vehicle with the body of the motorcycle rider. If the motorcycle gets hit and then the motorcycle rider is ejected off of the bike, that could potentially cause broken bones. Additionally, if they lay down a bike or stop suddenly or the driver of the motorcycle puts a leg down quickly, that could result in broken bones.