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If you have suffered a disability or contracted an occupational illness, you may be unable to return to work and unable to sustain your financial security. Furthermore, you may have to face a pile of medical bills related to your disability and feel unsure of how to proceed.

However, you may be eligible for disability benefits under social security disability insurance (SSDI). Before proceeding with a claim, it may be helpful to understand the benefits of hiring a Winston-Salem Social Security lawyer. A seasoned SSDI attorney could help you through each step of the process and work tirelessly toward getting you the aid you deserve.

What to Look For When Hiring an Attorney

Above all, a person should look for an attorney who has experience with handling Social Security disability claims. Filing for Social Security disability benefits is an extremely complex system; it is governed by numerous statutes and regulations.

An individual seeking to receive benefits should not accept an attorney that dabbles in this area of law, but instead, a dedicated legal professional with years of experience in navigating the Social Security disability system and handling claims. Furthermore, having an attorney who can listen and sympathize with a claimant’s situation might prove essential to the process of seeking them the compensation they require for their unique situation.

Why Experience and Skill Matters

Experience matters because of the complexity of the law and the claims process for filing for compensation. Over time, the law evolves, regulations change, and Social Security rulings shift. As a result, a claimant could benefit from hiring an attorney who has experience with each step of the process, as well as one who is adaptive and understands the potential for the legal system to transform.

If a lawyer is up to date on these rulings, it is more likely they could effectively file a thorough and effective claim for benefits. This might be crucial for claimants, as many who file for SSDI may be in unfortunate or dire circumstances. A driven attorney will do anything in their power to obtain a favorable outcome, utilizing both their knowledge for the law and passion toward helping individuals.

An Open Line of Communication

When a law firm has integrity and a strong work ethic, they will keep an open line of communication between them and their client who is applying for disability. Sometimes, this means giving tough advice — but this also means they are not going to lie. By telling the truth about the claims process and identifying any potential weaknesses in a claim, a lawyer could work with a claimant to try to fix these issues and build a strong claim. This is one of the major benefits of hiring a Winston-Salem social security lawyer.

Call to Discuss the Benefits of Hiring a Winston-Salem Social Security Attorney

When you are unable to work due to an injury or illness, you may feel as though your situation is hopeless. By seeking aid through social security disability insurance, you could take active steps to fortify your financial security. The claims process is complex and difficult to navigate, however, especially if you are underprepared or underrepresented.

By hiring a steadfast attorney, you could rest assured knowing that a skilled legal professional is on your side. However, it is important to try and ensure the attorney you choose has your best interests in mind; at Whitley Law Firm, an attorney will go the extra mile to communicate with you about the entire claims process and work tirelessly to get you the aid you deserve. To discuss the benefits of hiring a social security lawyer in Winston-Salem, call today.