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If you were injured in a crash or collision involving a truck, the resulting damages may be severe and widespread. Along with the physical trauma, you may be facing a stack of medical bills and the inability to work, along with emotional anguish and other losses.

However, by filing a claim for compensation. you may be able to receive recovery for Winston-Salem truck accident damages. By working with a dedicated truck collision lawyer, you could rest assured knowing a legal professional is by your side through each step of the process.

Truck Crash Injuries and Forms of Damages

While there are a multitude of injuries that may result from a truck crash, many are severe and may be life-threatening. Often, an injured individual may miss weeks or months of work while recovering from these injuries. Furthermore, they may be unable to enjoy life or work in the same capacity as they did prior to an accident.

Essentially, there are usually both immediate damages that require immediate hospitalization after a truck wreck, as well as long-term conditions that require ongoing medical treatment. Because of this, the types of damages that an injured claimant may recover in a claim include medical expenses, other economic losses—often tied to the individual’s ability or lack of ability to work—and non-economic damages.

Recoverable Economic Damages in Winston-Salem

Economic damages are losses that a person would incur as a result of not being able to work after suffering an injury. For example, if an injured person owns a business, they would suffer a significant economic loss because they would be unable to create revenue.

Similarly, if an individual works for someone else, missed time at work could also result in severe financial damages. Essentially, any loss related to a person’s income following an injury may be considered an economic damage.

Defining Non-Economic Damages in a Truck Crash Claim

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are more subjective losses that an injured plaintiff may suffer from an accident, such as mental anguish. Usually, these damages do not have an exact numerical value, as they relate to emotional and physical traumas. Examples of non-economic include pain and suffering, the loss of use of any body part, anxiety related to dealing with an accident, the trauma of handling pain, and the strain of recovery.

If there’s a permanent injury, for instance, future pain and suffering or other future issues related to these damages may also be recoverable. Because these non-economic damages cover a broad range of topics and there is no exact formula for calculating their total costs, an injured plaintiff may benefit from the aid of a detail-oriented lawyer to assess Winston-Salem truck accident damages in order to request adequate compensation.

Potential Damage Caps in Winston-Salem Injury Claims

Despite the potential for recovery of economic and non-economic damages, North Carolina places a $250,000 cap on the punitive damages that may be sought in a truck crash claim. These are damages with the intent to punish an at-fault individual for their reckless or careless actions. It is important to know that punitive damages are rarely awarded. However, economic damages — such as medical expenses — and non-economic damages are not beholden to any caps.

The Role of an Attorney in Recovering Damages

An attorney in a truck crash case may play a significant role in recovering Winston-Salem truck accident damages. For example, a lawyer could help to hire a life care planner to interview an injured claimant’s doctor in order to determine the full extent of medical treatment and future medical treatment. This calculation may help a claimant to request the appropriate amount of compensation for their damages.

Furthermore, a hardworking and proactive attorney may hire a videographer to produce what is called a “day in the life” video for an injured plaintiff, so that the insurance company may understand the costs and damages incurred from an accident. An attorney could help to tell a claimant’s story so that an insurance company may fairly evaluate how much should be paid in a claim.

Call a Lawyer to Discuss Winston-Salem Truck Crash Damages

If you were injured in a truck wreck, you may be traumatized and unsure of how to proceed. While a civil claim may be able to help to ease your financial burden, the idea of filing a claim may be daunting as you try to recover from trauma. A compassionate lawyer could help you to recover Winston-Salem truck accident damages by working to gather essential evidence and building a claim that requests the compensation you are owed.

A meticulous attorney could also help to calculate all of the resulting financial and emotional burdens of an accident so that your claim is thorough and exhaustive. To begin working on your claim today, call a skilled legal professional.