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Many workplaces involve a certain level of inherent risk of injury or illness for the workers operating in that premises. To protect the workers’ interests, workers’ compensation was developed as a social insurance program. If an employee is injured in an accident at their work site, their employer must pay them benefits.

These benefits are intended to meet the financial and medical expenditures that may result due to the accident such as loss of wages, hospital care, surgery, or medications.  Trying to determine what to do after work accidents in Winston-Salem could be stressful, especially if your employer is not being compliant. If you were injured in an accident at the workplace, it is a good idea to consult with a practiced workers’ compensation attorney to discuss all the legal aspects of your case and protect your rights.

First Actions to Take Following a Work Accident

There are two important things that could be considered when determining what to do after work accidents in Winston-Salem. Anytime someone is injured in a work accident, they could seek medical attention and inform their employer of the incident.

These two things could be done at the earliest possible opportunity. While seeking medical care for an injury, the injured employee could inform the doctor that the injury was sustained at the workplace. This may help make sure that their medical care is billed under workers’ compensation. The employee could make sure to adhere to the doctor’s directives about their treatment because their cooperation and focus on their medical treatment could only work in their favor, both medically and legally.

Communicating with a Winston-Salem Employer

It is essential to inform an employer in writing about the events that occurred within 30 days of the workplace accident. The statement could contain the following:

  • The injury sustained
  • The date the accident took place
  • A description of what happened

The claimant could retain a copy for their records. If an employer fails to report the injury, the injured employee has up to two years from the date of the accident to file a claim with the industrial commission. This is could be done by filing Form 18 with the industrial commission and submitting a copy to their employer.

Seeking the assistance of a lawyer in the process could boost the prospects of a claim. A qualified workers’ compensation lawyer in Winston- Salem could help someone by providing detailed information about their legal rights as well as the guidance of what needs to be done to receive full benefits.

Before Returning to Work

The individual may have to visit a doctor regularly to receive treatment for their injuries. The doctor may assess whether they could return to work or work partially. If the doctor is satisfied that the patient could return to work, they may be permitted to do so.

It is necessary to fill out a ‘Return to Work’ form to the North Carolina Industrial Commission. This may let the workers’ compensation office know they are back at work either permanently or on a trial basis. If someone is being employed at a lower pay, the compensation may continue at a reduced rate, or it may be fully discontinued if they have been wholly reinstated.

At the first opportunity, the individual could let their employer know about their planned return to work following an injury. This may help the organization plan appropriately for their return.

Consult a Winston-Salem Workers’ Compensation Attorney to Determine What to Do After Work Accidents

Speaking with an established Winston-Salem workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss the work accident that involves you or someone close to you could be a suitable step. This may help you understand in detail your options regarding workers’ compensation benefits and the process, and you may better understand what to do after work accidents in Winston-Salem.